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K-2nd Grade



*-head coach


  • Games start and end with the "horn" for the whole tournament
  • Teams will play 6v6 and NO goalies.  2 defense, 2 midfield, 2 attack;
  • Draw to start game and start 2nd half.
  • After goals there is no face off. The team that was scored upon takes possession of the ball to the side of their net.
  • 2 passes after midfield line before a shot can be attempted.  Passes do not have to be completed just possession maintained.  Missed shots require 3 passes before next shot attempt.
  • Safety rules enforced for the safety of the players.  Shooting space violation - players can't run into the shooting lane of a player with the ball; Dangerous shot violation - players can't take a shot when other players are at danger of being hit
  • Crease violations enforced.  Defensive team takes possession of the ball to the side of their net.  If ball lands in the crease without a goal being scored, then defending team takes possession of the ball to the side of their net
  • Off sides enforced at the midfield line - don’t stop game- call player(s) back.  (Defense and Attack must stay on their end of the field)
  • Coaches are allowed on the field.
  • Coaches will serve as the referees.  Please remember to bring whistles.  Each team should provide 1 referee for the game.


Individual Coaches must speak with one another before the start of each game to review rules and determine which 2 coaches will serve as referees.


The Tri-Lakes organization does not have goalie "hectors" for all K-2 girls games.  If both teams for a given game bring goalie "hectors" to the tournament and both wish to use them for the game, then please discuss among the coaches and use at your discretion.