Organization Structure


Tri-Lakes Youth Lacrosse, Inc
Organizational Structure
  • Directors Three-year term, no limit
  • Officers President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
    • One-year term, no limit
  • All officers should fulfill a Lacrosse Program Function
  • Create a director emeritus or director at-large title to accommodate those very few people who, through long service to the club, should remain on the board without a Club Function.
Current Officers:
President: Garrick Smith
Vice President: Matthew Norfolk
Treasurer: Chris Grant
Secretary: TBD

Current Board Members:
Chairman: Bill Larzelere
Director: Chris Grant
Director: George Leveille
Director: John Muldowney
Director: Shannon Muldowney
Director: Josh Dann
Director: Garrick Smith

Marketing / Enrollment:  TBD
Scheduling:  Matthew Norfolk, Bill Larzelere
Fields/Operations:  Chris Grant
Coaching Coordinator:  Garrick Smith
Equipment Managers:  TBD
Merchandising / Retail: TBD
Concessions:  TBD