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3rd-4th Grade


Nick Gunn*
Philip Tackas      
Brandy Wilson
Kevin Brady      
*-head coach


Skills Learned

  • Running scoop stationary ball
  • Basic strong hand cradle
  • Throw overhand with strong hand
  • Catch overhand with strong hand in stationary position
  • Overhand shooting bounce shot on cage
  • Learn Field Position
  • Learn how to get open
  • Understand stick checking rules
  • Running scoop of moving ground ball with both hands
  • Throw with strong hand in moving position
  • Catch with strong hand in moving position
  • Throw overhand with weak hand from stationary position
  • Catch overhand with weak hand in stationary position
  • Strong hand shooting to predetermined goal location
  • Open field running with ball with cradle
  • Face Dodge
  • Learn basic offense and defense set
  • Understand Rules