Home Builders Association of Michigan Accomplishments:  2008-2010

This is what HBAM does for YOU


  • Ended the practice of making good builders pay the debts of bad builders by eliminating the construction lien fund and the $10 per year paid into the fund by licensees.
  • Stopped raid of the State Construction Code Fund to transfer $3 million in building permit fees to Fire Services.
  • Defeated union-backed legislation aimed directly at construction making unintentional misclassification of an employee a misdemeanor with 6 months imprisonment and a $2,500 fine with administrative penalties of $2,500 to $5,000 for each violation on top of the misclassification fines. Unions and other third-parties would have been encouraged to bring civil actions, including class actions, in court to enforce the law on non-union sites. The unions can be awarded attorney costs and damages. Entire multi-employer work sites could have been shut down for one violation by a single subcontractor.
  • Stopped legislation to allow additional storm water utility and control fees to be charged on construction sites.
  • Prevented numerous local governments from enforcing locally-created code requirements not found in the Single State Construction Code Act.
  • Kept mandatory sprinklers out of the 2009 MRC.
  • Stopped AFCI expansion in the 2009 MRC.
  • Stopped MIOSHA Ergonomic rules for construction.
  • Stopped MIOSHA sanitation rules for porta-potties and washing stations on all construction sites (not just those without a mobile work crew) including separate facilities for men and women.
  • Defeated attempt to destroy the Single State Construction Code by allowing local governments to adopt an independent “Green” construction code in its place.
  • Defeated attempt to remove the builder exemption (an exemption won at the Michigan Supreme Court level through MAHB’s Legal Action Fund) from the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.
  • Blocked attempts to use fines to run a state Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting program.


  • Persuaded DELEG to change its credit review standards for licensing.
  • Convinced House and Senate Appropriations Committees to exempt the totally permit fee-funded Bureau of Construction Codes from across-the-board 3% cuts proposed for all departments in 2011 budget.
  • Major partner in business reform coalition that has resulted in last three state budgets (2009, 2010, 2011) being balanced without tax increases.
  • Changed FHA regulations to provide loans for site condos.
  • Helped create state and local mechanisms for the prosecution of unlicensed contractors.
  • Saved voluntary pre-application program for wetlands that binds the DNRE for two years on determinations made under the program.
  • Helped create a new pre-application process for permits to build in critical dune areas.
  • Achieved withdrawal of the Department of Environmental Quality guideline limiting the size of homes in sand dunes to 700 square feet.
  • Kept wetlands enforcement at the state level while making major reforms in the operation of the program.
  • Helped write and promulgate continuing competency rules making it easier for member to fulfill requirements.
  • Assisted hundreds of members having problems with state or local government.


What Have We Done For You Lately?  (10-2016)

 Worked to secure passage of 14 Public Acts including legislation which:

  •  Lowered the Unemployment Insurance Taxable Wage Base.
  •  Allowed Unemployment Insurance contingent funds to be used for
  • workforce training.
  •  Prohibited local governments from adopting ordinances setting mandatory wages, benefits, leave time, scheduling, training, or application information requirements for employers.
  •  Eliminated the requirement to be employed by a government before being allowed to apply for registration as a building inspector or official.
  •  Made multi-unit housing inspections discretionary unless a complaint is received.
  •  Amended the Condominium Act to revise provisions under which a developer may withdraw undeveloped portions from a project without the prior consent of co-owners, mortgagees or other interested parties.
  •  Increase the electrical journeyman/apprentice ratio from 1 to 1 to 1 to 3.

 Worked to prevent passage of legislation to:

  •  Re-impose the requirement for Arc-fault Circuit Interrupters no longer found in the Michigan Residential Code.
  •  Give Fire Services control of the State Construction Code Commission and any committees appointed by the Commission or the Department.
  •  Require co-owner approval of condo association budgets and require LARA to provide investigative, enforcement, and dispute resolution services in conflicts between a co-owner and an association.

 Worked to begin to solve the Skilled Workforce shortage by:

  •  Creating the ‘‘Skilled To Build Foundation,’’
  •  Getting legislative approval for a funding source for grants to promote skilled trade education.
  •  Seeking changes in the Youth Labor Law to help encourage students to consider a career in residential construction.
  •  Partnering with the Lieutenant Governor to promote skilled trade education statewide.
  •  Partnering with Intermediate School Districts, Career Tech programs and their instructors to expand and improve skilled trade educational opportunities.

 Worked to create and continue a reasonable, rational, cost-effective residential code, not one ruled by manufacturers and special interests, by:

  •  Keeping sprinklers out of the 2015 Michigan Residential Code.
  •  Removing Arc-faults from the 2015 Michigan Residential Code.
  •  Assuring Chapter 11 energy efficiency requirements in the 2015 Michigan Residential Code met Michigan’s law for cost-effectiveness.
  •  Conducting an ongoing statewide outreach program to forge partnerships with local building officials and inspectors and getting them registered to vote by computer on the proposed changes to the 2018 International Codes including residential and energy.