The Home Builders Association of Michigan (HBAM) has a multitude of programs, services and discounts that can help you run your business and save you money.

When you join your local association, you get a three-in-one membership through the local association, the HBAM and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), expanding the range of benefits and services membership provides.

Michigan Programs

Health, Life and Disability Insurance - Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance provides medical insurance at a great group rate. Fort Dearborn Life disability and life insurance are also offered at a group rate.  For authorized insurance agents check online at or contact your local association.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance provides Workers' Compensation insurance for builders and contractors.  Coverage features a variety of premium payment plans.  Policyholders enjoy free loss prevention and safety services offered by a team of professional consultants.  For authorized insurance agents contact your local association.

Property & Casualty Insurance - Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance provides property and casualty insurance to meet the specific provisions required by the majority of HBAM members and their employees. For authorized insurance agents check online at or contact your local association.

Long-Term Care Insurance – New York Life provides Long-Term Care Insurance at an exclusive premium discount to the employees of our member organizations.  For more information, please contact Albert W. Scace at 248.357.7251.

Member Rebate Program - Earn several hundred dollars for each house by informing us of the products you use when you close on a home or remodeling project.  Register at 866-849-8400  or

Superfleet Gas Program - No charge fleet fueling program accepted nationwide with a 4 cents per gallon discount at all Speedway, Marathon, Rich and Pilot Travel Center locations.  For more information, contact Tom C. Farnham at

Meijer Discount Card - Build on Savings with an exclusive discount from Meijer.   The current program runs through July 1, 2011.  Additional information online at

National Programs

The National Association of Home Builders provides discounts from Dell, Office Depot, UPS, FTD, etc.  For more information and additional programs go to  All programs, rates and prices are subject to change without notice.

Benefits that Strengthen & Protect Your Business

Networking - One of the most valuable benefits of membership is networking.  Business relationships are built on trust and credibility.  Builders network at numerous association events with other builders, subcontractors and others doing business in the building industry. 

Continuing Education - From changing codes to the ever-changing market, builders and remodelers owe it to themselves and their customers to educate themselves on what’s new and what’s necessary in the building industry.  Small business courses and certification programs are offered throughout the state.

Legislative - From tax increases to building code changes, results of many legislative decisions impact your livelihood.  The MAHB is the only statewide association representing the residential building industry at the Capitol.  Are your business interests worth protecting?  

Political Affairs - Friends of Housing (FOH) is responsible for making political endorsements along with financial contributions in election years.  It endorses candidates that vote to support small businesses and the building industry.