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2021 Team Selected Races


2021 Spirit Races - As a team we have decided to target several events to try to achieve a minimum of 20 Trifurian participants.  This is to bring back the team atmosphere.  The events are listed below:

  • Patriot Triathlon
  • Call To Honor
So as you plan your race calendar for 2021 - PLEASE consider these races and lets bring the Trifury crowd back to these events.  We will have the Trifury tent at these races and potentially some nice surprises if you participate. 

Why did we pick these races?
As a new team we thought it was important to steer members, particularly those new to triathlon, to well supported, well run, and safe races. Also we wanted to cover all the race distances from Sprint to Half-Ironman. Although we recognize that there are many more races that would fit this description, the ones that we did choose were selected because they had challenging courses, good support, a good location and maybe just because the after-race party was good! 

In addition to the list of selected races in the table below, the following races will also count as a Team Selected Race.  Please note, it is the responsibility of the member to email the Results Coordinator ( after the race in order to receive credit for any of the following races:
  • Each Iron-distance Triathlon (2.4/112/26.2) will count as 1 Team Selected Race.
  • Each USAT National Championship will count as 1 Team Selected Race.
  • Each World Championship will count as 1 Team Selected Race
For additional information about how the Team Selected Races are scored/credited, please look for information that appears below the Selected Events Calendar.

March, April & May 
 DateEvent Distance Notes 
 May 8
 New England Season Opener
 Duathlon: 2/10/3.1
Triathlon 0.25/10/3.1
Postponed to
Sept 11th

 Distance Notes
 June 5
 King Pine Triathlon & Duathlon
 Tri: 0.3/12.5/3.1
  Du: 2/12.5/3.1
 June 12
 Harvest Triathlon
  Sprint: 0.3/13.5/3
Olympic: 0.9/29/6
 June ??
 Greater Nashua Y Tri  0.3/9.6/3.1Canceled
 June 19
 The Patriot Half 1.2/56/13.1
 June 20 Sebago Lake Triathlon
Sprint: 0.3/13.1/3.1
Olympic 0.9/22.8/5.2
 June 26
 White Mountains Triathlon
 Sprint: 0.25/7.25/3
Olympic: 1500m/40k/4.25
Half: 1.2/56/13.1

 June 27 Cohasset Triathlon  Cancelled
 June ??
 Try-the-Tri Series, Tyngsboro 0.25/9.5/2  Volunteer

 Date Event Distance Notes

 July 11 Massachusetts State Triathlon0.92/23.5/6.2
Northeast Olympic Distance Regional Championship
 July 11 Dam Sprint Triathlon & DuathlonTri: 0.5/12.3/3
Du: 2/12.3/3

 July ??
 New England Kids Triathlon
 6-10 100yrds 3m0.5m
 11-15 100yrds
 6m 1m
Pool Swim
Kids Only Race
 July 18
  Whaling City Triathlon
Tri - 0.25/11.4/3.1
Du - 1.1/11.4/3.1

 July 31
 Sea To Summit
 July ??
 Try-the-Tri Series, Tyngsboro
 0.25/9.5/2 Volunteer
  July ??
 Try-the-Tri Kids Race   Volunteer
  July 18
  Try-the-Tri, Wilmington  (Silver Lake)

 Date Event Distance Notes
 August 7
 Rev3 Sprint & Kids Splash and Dash
Sprint: ??/12.4/??
Kids: ??

 August 8
 Rev3 Half & Olympic Olympic: ??/25.1/6.2
Half: 1.2/53.5/13.1
 August 21
 Cranberry TriFest Sprint 0.5/11.5/3.1 
 August 22
 Cranberry TriFest Olympic 0.9/26.3/6.2 
 August 28
  Boston Triathlon - Kids Splash & Dash
 7-8 100yrds1k
 9-10 100yrds
 11-12 200yrds 2k
 13-15 200yrds 2k

 August 29
 Boston Triathlon  Sprint: 0.5/10/4.5
Olympic:  .9/24/6.2
 August 28 Live Free and Tri
Sprint: 0.3/15.7/3.1
Sprint Du: 2/15.7/3.1
Olympic: 0.9/24.3/6.2
Olympic Du: 2/24.3/6.2
 Also Aquabike available
 August 29
 Live Free and Tri
  Half: 1.2/55.4/13.6
Half Du: 2/55.4/13.6
 Also Aquabike available
 August ??
 Try-the-Tri Series, Tyngsboro 0.25/9.5/2 Volunteer
 August ??
 Try-the-Tri Series, Wilmington (Silver Lake)
 400/12/2 Volunteer

September / October / November
 DateEvent Distance  Notes
 September 11
 New England Season Opener Tri: 0.3/12.5/3.1
  Du: 2/12.5/3.1
 September 11
 Pumpkinman Sprint and OlympicSprint - 0.3/14/3

 September 12
 Call To Honor Sprint0.25/10/1.6
 September 18
 Sunapee Triathlon

A few notes about the Team Selected Races and how they are scored/credited, especially for newer members:

1) You must be a current member of TriFury and a member in good standing at the time of the race for the points to count towards your year end total.

2)  Participating in a Team Selected Race counts toward your total.  You only need to start a Team Selected Race to be given credit.  Having a mechanical issue, or an race day injury (bee-sting, etc....), or DNF will not prevent a member from gaining credit.

3) Participating at Try the Tri counts (maximum 1 point for the season).  

4) Volunteering at Try the Tri counts (1 volunteer point each time you volunteer)

5) Participation in Team Selected Races as a Volunteer or Relay Team Member can count for up to 3 points (combined).  This can be a combination of volunteering at one race (
must be a specifically designated as TriFury volunteer "event" which are currently the Mill Cities Relay, the Multisport Expo, and the Call to Honor Triathlon and being on a relay for two races, or volunteering at three specifically designated races, or any combination of relay and volunteering.   As an example, to get to 6 Races, you can:

  • Volunteer at Multisport Expo, Call To Honor, and Try the Tri three times
  • Patriot Triathlon Relay - Team Member
  • Participate at Season Opener, Mill City and Cranberry TriFest Olympic   

    In the above example, the member would have 6 points.  Three points from racing Season Opener, Mill City and Cranberry TriFest Olympic and three points from the combination of the relay event (Patriot Triathlon) and volunteering.

6) For Relay participation, all relay members must be TriFury members...this is a great way to meet new people, try your first triathlon and/or still race with your teammates even if an injury prevents you from training in all 3 disciplines. If you're looking for relay teammates, post here - you will likely have lots of takers!

Why care about the number of points you have?
We will again have year end "goodies" for everyone who participates in 3-5 Team Select Races as well as something extra cool for those who do 6+ races. We've had some really great prizes in years past, so if you can fit 3 or more of these into your calendar, you won't be disappointed!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail the Results Coordinator (