About TriFury

As filed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on 11/5/2014  
This Amendment is to replace the purpose of the corporation as previously filed so as to satisfy the requirements of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code IRC 501(c)(3) as defined and under Internal Revenue Manual Part 7 Chapter 25, Section 26. Amateur Sports Organizations. 

The purpose of the corporation is to foster national and international amateur sports competition in the sport of triathlon within the states of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire through the support and development of amateur athletes participating in multi-sport competition from within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).
Upon dissolution, the organization's remaining assets must be used exclusively for exempt purposes.

TriFury was founded in the fall of 2002, as an affiliate of Merrimack Valley Striders (MVS) one of the largest and most active organizations in New England. Several years prior to the creation of TriFury, many discussions took place between Dave Tyler and Paul Sedgwick who were Ironman ® USA Lake Placid training partners at the time, about the lack of any triathlon club in the Merrimack Valley. These discussions led to a proposal of a triathlon sub-group to a local running club, but they declined. Dave Tyler then spoke to friend and fellow triathlete Cliff Jennings and they helped gather support, then Dave approached the MVS Board of Directors on May 22, 2002, and received approval to create a club within a club. We registered the club with the USAT Triathlon as the Merrimack Valley Striders Triathlon Team. Word spread that a new triathlon club was starting as an affiliate of MVS and growth was quick. We gathered for monthly meetings and one first step was to pick a more attractive name for the club. Many names were proposed, but one stuck…. TriFury. The interesting legend which comes from the naming of the club, the name TriFury itself was proposed by an unidentified man, who just came to that meeting and was never seen again….strange indeed.

Some of the early leadership was Cliff Jennings, Brian Krisler, and Dave Tyler. The core members were Ann Daly, Russ Crochetiere, Stephanie Fall, Maureen Forsyth, Kitty Gines, Kris Gines, Jason Hoyt, Stephanie Madigan, Jimmy Marsh, Dennis Richards, and Paul Sedgwick. Together a mission statement was defined.

TriFury welcomes athletes of ALL abilities and believes that if you have the desire and motivation to train and compete (and a little fury or fire in the belly), you too can do a triathlon. Join TriFury and experience the camaraderie and goodwill as we develop and promote the sport of triathlon at all distances - from Sprint to Ironman®.

Stephanie Fall, a professional graphic designer, is credited for the creation of the TriFury logo and original artwork. The uniform is easily recognized and has traveled throughout the world with our members.  Today TriFury has 275 active members; we have been the USAT Division 1 State of Massachusetts, New England, and National Club Champions; we have members who have qualified and raced for the National and World Championships. The majority of our members use the sport of Triathlon to give their lives a challenge, and with that challenge comes a new meaning that extends long after the race is over.

TriFury is dedicated to supporting amateur triathletes from the first timer to the experienced age group competitor in the Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Come be a part of TriFury.