For the love of charity rates


Tridevi Tribal is passionate about dancing and we love to dance at a variety of events, including fundraisers.  We will not, however, dance at bachelor parties or "men only" events. That is not what ATS® is about, it is a celebration of the strength of women.  We consider ourselves to be role models for the acceptance of the womanly form in all its glory: rolls, stretch marks, and jiggles included!

A typical set is 20 minutes long. We supply our own music in the form of iPod, and will require a hook-up and speakers be provided for us. As well, we will ask you to fill out a form that will help us determine how to prepare for your show.

Contact us today to book us!

Past Gratis Events:
  • Light the Night for Lymphoma
  • United Way Capital Region
  • Schizophrenia Society of Alberta
  • Lois Hole Hospital for Women
  • Ponoka Parent Link
  • Bellydance Haflas

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