Aimee Johnston

In 2008, Aimee saw Raq-a-Belly Dance! at the Edmonton
International Fringe Festival and was fascinated that women of all sizes were celebrating their bodies in such a beautiful way. Being of ample hip and rounded belly herself, she decided to give it a shot.

She gave Raq Sharki a try for a few sessions until 2010, when she discovered ATS® for herself and has never looked back. She’s a passionate dancer with a thirst to learn and has been a dedicated student of Brandi McGunigal’s since 2011. Aimee is a founding member of TriDevi Tribal.

Together with TriDevi, she has traveled to California and Vancouver to take intensive ATS® workshops from the masters and creators of this form.

In January 2015, Aimee traveled with her five favourite sisters to San Francisco to attend workshops in the first annual ATS® Homecoming. While there, she also earned her ATS® teaching certification and Sister Studio status, which brings us to the here and now! 

You can find Aimee teaching  ATS® Level 1 and 2a at Bedouin Beats on Thursday nights. Sign up today!

Brandi McGunigal

Brandi has always had a love for music and movement. She stepped into her first belly dance class in 1999 when she saw an ad in the University paper for a belly dance class.
She had a high interest in Ancient Egypt, and loved to dance with her hips, so it was perfect and has been a part of her life ever since!
2002 saw her first exposure to ATS® through a workshop and a major passion was born.

She is proud to be Alberta’s first accredited ATS® instructor becoming a Fat Chance Belly Dance® sister studio in 2010. Brandi feels amazingly at home  in ATS® with its importance of group, improvisational structure, costuming, music, beauty and grace, and it shows. When you see her dance ATS® that is no fake smile on her face, it is completely real because she is one happy girl.

You can find Brandi teaching ATS® Level 2b and 3 at Bedouin Beats on Thursday nights this Winter 2016. Sign up today! 

Colleen Geake

It all started with a coin hipscarf...

Colleen has no dance background, (unless you count one awkward jazz choreography performance in grade 8…), but she has always been lured by the mesmerizing beat of world music, and has been known to do her vacuuming to Bollywood and Middle-Eastern classics.  

On a whim, she bought a coin hipscarf at Heritage Festival. After it sat in her closet for a year, she decided to put her money where her hips are and signed up for beginner Raqs Sharki classes with the amazing Aldiya.

Colleen’s dance journey truly began though when she saw Three Eyes Tribal perform in 2010. The costumes, the tribal music, the beauty and strength of group improvisation in American Tribal Style®.

Oh my…she had never seen anything like it and she was hooked! Colleen immediately made her way down to Bedouin Beats and has had the good fortune to learn from the best, Brandi McGunigal, artistic director of Three Eyes Tribal. Colleen was thrilled to meet other like-minded (AKA obsessed) women in these classes, and is so happy she was invited to help them form TriDevi Tribal in 2011. Colleen is thankful for the new friendships and shared passion for dance that has been developed with her TriDevi sisters, and looks forward to what the future holds!

Colleen completed General Skills in Vancouver, BC in the summer of 2013, and went on to earn her Sister Studio status after completing Teacher Training in San Francisco in January 2015. She is available for private and group ATS lessons in the Wetaskiwin/Leduc areas.

Karen Davison

Karen is a founding member of TriDevi Tribal in addition to being co-artistic director of Raq-a-Belly Dance!

Karen has an extensive dance background ranging from modern dance to Raqs Sharki and Tribal Fusion. Actually, to any dance that just happens to catch her eye.

She is also a teacher of beginner belly dance and her students (and troupe mates) love learning and honing their basic skills à la Karen. 

Karen loved ATS® so much that she agreed to join TriDevi when presented with the opportunity. How she keeps up with all this, we can only wonder, but we are so happy that she does!

Karen completed General Skills in Vancouver, BC in the summer of 2013, and went on to earn her Sister Studio status after completing Teacher Training in San Francisco in January 2015.

You can find Karen teaching BTS (Boomer Tribal Style) on Saturday afternoons as well as Raqs Sharki beginner on Monday nights at Bedouin Beats. Sign up today at

Kim Rockwell

Kim first heard about belly dancing one afternoon while eavesdropping on the bus. She thought it sounded like a lot of fun but was too shy to try it. A couple years later, in 2005, she was invited by a friend to try out a class and she was hooked. She enjoyed Cabaret for a couple years with different teachers, including the fabulous Aldiya. In 2007 she took a year off following the birth of her first daughter.

When she returned to dancing, she was fortunate enough to stumble across Bedouin Beats and decided to try out ATS®. She fell in love and enjoyed ATS® with Denise LeClair for another year before her second baby girl arrived.

When she returned, it was to find the delightful and super-talented Brandi McGunigal at the ATS® helm.  She has been learning under Brandi’s guidance at Bedouin Beats since 2010 and is a founding member of TriDevi Tribal as well as the brilliant member who came up with the name TriDevi Tribal. 

Kim completed General Skills in Vancouver, BC in the summer of 2013, and went on to earn her Sister Studio status after completing Teacher Training in San Francisco in January 2015.


Teresa Fisher

Teresa began her belly dance journey in 2005 when she began studying Raqs Sharki with Farahnaz.

Taking classes on and off for a few years, Teresa discovered American Tribal Style® belly dance when she and a co-worker were dancing around to some songs on the radio. After discovering that her co-worker was in a professional dance troupe who performs ATS®, Teresa decided to check out a class which was held at the Edmonton Belly Dance Academy and has been hooked ever since.

When her instructor Brandi moved her classes to the Bedouin Beats studio, Teresa followed. In 2011, TriDevi Tribal was born!
Teresa completed General Skills in Vancouver, BC in the summer of 2013.

Teresa is also a founding member of TriDevi Tribal. She looks forward to many years of dance with her fellow dance sisters!

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