About Us

We are a group of like-minded individuals all interested in flying.  Some are students, recreational VFR pilots, instrument rated, and CFI's.  We are a casual group but do operate our club in a structured environment in accordance with our Bylaws and Rules. Above all, we operate with a respect to our fellow members.

The Tri-County Flyers (formally the One-Fifty Club) was organized in December 1999 to allow its members to fly in a cost controlled cooperative environment, while at the same time being able to fly aircraft that are well maintained and available. An important by-product of a club environment is the group camaraderie that results in sharing aviation experiences, stories, discussions, and most importantly friendships.

We own two aircraft, a 1967 Cessna 150 and a 1976 Cessna 172. The 150 is a basic trainer with a basic panel in great shape. The 172 is in excellent condition upgraded with 180hp, 24 gallon tip tanks, IFR GPS, autopilot, and a recent paint job.

There are 23 shares in the club.  The fee to join is negotiable between the buyer and seller, typically around 1/23 of the value of the club's assets at the time.  The hourly rates are adjusted based on fuel cost, but are typically around $55/hr for the Cessna 150 and $85/hr for the Cessna 172 with monthly dues of $60/mth.  For more information about availability and joining our group, please contact us at n3179juliet@gmail.com.

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