For the past two years, a small group of Babson, Olin, and Wellesley students have worked through an intensive, student-lead design project. January 2010 saw research in "charter cities" [1] [video] while 2011 saw research into pedagogy and means to further TriCollege interaction (check out our 2011 wrap-up!). Students work on self-directed, inter-collegiate teams, visit with faculty members and field experts, and get to know student from each campus through social outings.

As a pilot program, we hope to continue the program every year as a way to foster valuable research and promote collaboration between students at our three institutions.

2011 Program Infosession:

Note: The 2011 intersession program is now complete (so check out our wrap-up). The following is to give a better feel for this whole TriCollege Intersession Project thing. Check out the 2011 infosession presentation (download)!

The Second Tri-College Intersession Project

For two weeks last intersession, 5 Babson, 5 Olin, and 5 Wellesley students figured out ways to foster new societies through the Charter Cities project. This year, at it again with a new theme: thinking and learning. Our colleges are looking to improve pedagogy in higher education. They want to know what observations, methods, and solutions we come up with. We'll get input from faculty members and present our findings to them--and the world--at the end of the program. 

This project is intentionally very open ended to foster a truly student-driven direction. Through your own personal initiatives, aid from faculty mentors, and organizers, you will research an appropriate topic or issue. This will conclude with a tri-school presentation at the beginning of the Spring semester--and possibly a student-led TriCollege faculty pedagogy day-conference. The work you do here has the potential to alter the instruction of our institutions, and affect larger realm of higher education through example. Help us in paving the way for future of higher education!

Theme Questions
  • What kinds of teaching works best for student learning in different fields?
  • What can we learn from one another--as TriCollege peers--about pedagogy?
If you have any questions, concerns, comments, send them to Colin Zwiebel (Olin), Adrian Herr (Babson), or Kirstin Dorozynski (Wellesley). Or, fill out the contact form.