Numbers 0-10

Here are some ideas for teaching children the numbers 0 - 10.

The first video looks at how we can recognise a number of objects from the way they are arranged. It shows how we recognise the patterns on a die or domino, and how we can use patterns to see how many we have without counting. Most people can recognise up to 5 objects without counting, but we can use our mathematical knowledge of number to recognise larger numbers through patterns.

maths@home: Recognising and counting to 6

There is now a series of videos, still in development, which look at each number from 0 to 10 in turn. There are 5 aspects of a number we need to know:
  1. How many that number represents - its value.
  2. Where that number comes in relation to other numbers - its place in order.
  3. What the number is called - its name.
  4. How it is written as a numeral. (eg 5)
  5. How it is written in words. (eg five)

Here is the first in the series which looks at the number 0.

maths@home: the number 0

The second in the series looks at number 1, which is probably the easiest number to understand.

maths@home: Number 1

Here's number 2.

maths@home: Number 2

And number 3

maths@home: Number 3

Look out for the rest of series coming soon.