continuation of Terry Trickett's Digital Artworks

Most still images are designed to be printed at A2 or A3 size. contact:
Click on images to enlarge.  For information on the derivation of images, click on green captions.  Instructions for movement are shown in blue

Kite Sky  for a moving version, click here
                                               A Clarinettist's Dream  for action click here

Schindler in Hollywood                                                                            No Country for New Boots  for a moving version,click here 

Four Seasons   for a moving version, click here  

Mexican Dream
     for a moving version, click here
                               Pueblo Ghosts

Santa Fe Railroad
For detail of these four New Mexican images,  click here

Albuquerque querky                                                                                   Union Station, Los Angeles

Worlds Apart
  for a moving version,click here                                         Redondo

The loneliest road
Night Swarm  for a moving version, click here

of granite      for a moving version, click here                                
Plague of Locusts

For details on these three images click here

Tortured harmony


Khajuraho Conversation                                         
Varanasi                                                                    Little Eye, Jaipur 

                                                                                              Victorious Tipu

Sikri's Secrets                                                          Palace of Lights (A2 only)

Jain Lions at Play
                                                                                     Pacific Palisades

Window on Shikaridhura

Reflections on Nandi  for a moving version, click here
                             Rising Tide

Birds of Prey, Benares
Jain Tatami    

Jain Water-lilies                                                        
Datia Heptagon                                                       Birds' Eye View, Mousehole                                                

Topkapi Jewel                                                        Flying Elephants

Ottomania                                                                 Ascent to Salvation Mountain                                    Christmas at Datia

Datia Masks                                                                                             Windows on Gwalior

Bilbao Blues                                                               Dancing at Datia                                                      Cubic World at Sea

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