01 - Rim Lights For Sale

So here they are! These are truly one of a kind lights. Not only are these extremely bright and colorful but they also do not require batteries like other kits on the market. Plus, unlike other kits, these offer MORE than just ONE color. 

Whats in the box?
4 rings with lights
attachment mounts to anchor to the vehicle
wire to connect the lights to the controller
controller and remote

These are tested and ready to be installed. These re NOT universal as they are built for your specific vehicle to give you a true custom fit for the best light output. These are being sold starting at $220! a set. 

Compare price and actually what you are getting with other kits and see why these are the best that is available on the market. We are the ONLY company on the market to manufacture and sell THREE different levels of kits

Example of a 16" set
Level 1 - It has 75 LEDs
Level 2 - It has 150 LEDs
Level 3 - It has 225 LEDs