Mrs. Andersen's Home Page

WELCOME Students and Parents!

On my website, you will be able to find classroom information and assignments if you are in my Algebra A,  Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, or Coding class. Each class has a dedicated page which contains information pertaining to each class.

Mrs. Andersen's Daily Schedule:

Period 1:  Algebra A
Period 2:  Pre-Algebra 8
Period 3:  PLAN
Period 4:  Algebra MS
Period 5:  Pre-Algebra 8
Period 6:  Pre-Algebra 7
Period 7:  Coding
Period 8:  Algebra HS

Class Assignments
Lesson plans can be found at the following link.  Helpful videos for the current topic can also be found on Planbook.  If an assignment is a worksheet, I will attach a copy of the worksheet for that day.



I am always available to help students before school (7:50-8:10) or after school (3:20-3:45).

To reach me, email

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