This website is specially developed to deliver all tribology related activities in Malaysia including organization, higher educations, researches, events, industries, etc.

Tribology is a system-oriented that spans a wide range of science and technology fields including materials science, mechanical engineering, lubricant engineering, bio-materials, chemistry, physics, biology and many more, encompassing micro as well as nano-technology.

Reducing friction and wear in mechanical systems, can lead to a reduction in energy consumption and an increase in durability, which is of great economic and environmental interest. Advances in these areas have been achieved through, for example, the new design of mechanical systems,improvements to lubricants, and the development of advanced materials and coatings. Implants in the human body, for an example, solutions are being sought for problems such as bio-compatibility, corrosion and wear. All of these developments require strong collaborations between scientists and engineers from various disciplines.

Over the years, the subject of tribology came to be recognised as a very important aspect in most industrial operations. The application of correct tribological practices can protect and enhance the life of machinery, improve efficiency of operations, reduce energy consumption and prevent expensive breakdowns. Major organisations and academic institutions in Malaysia have also realized the importance of industrial tribology and its relevance to the modern design and maintenance.

Thus, to enhance visibility of our local experts to the worldwide, we have came forward and set up a professional and a non-profit body, known as MALAYSIAN TRIBOLOGY SOCIETY (MYTRIBOS), which can effectively bridge the gap between academia, industry, research organisation or even individuals.

In 2015, MYTRIBOS will organized MITC2015 - Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2015which will take place in Penang, Malaysia during November 16-17, 2015.