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Welcome to Green Tribology and Engine Performance (G-TriboE) Research Group! The Group, which originally started with six members, was established in late 2012 . In April 2014, the group expanded by recruiting seven new members with multidisciplinary expertises.

The green tribology and engine performance research into clean energy are vital in protecting our planet for a greener future. Friction and wear causes problems such as high and unnecessary energy consumption and disturbance in production. No less than one third of a car’s fuel consumption is spent in overcoming friction, and this friction loss (Figure below) has a direct impact on both fuel consumption and emissions. Researchers from G-TriboE Research Group strive at seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to these questions. This is in line with the upcoming National Automotive Policy to turn Malaysia into a regional hub for Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEVs) with high technology uptake among industry players for domestic, regional and international exports. On the same hand, the group carries out both fundamental and applied research in this interdisciplinary areas. 

Breakdown of passenger car energy consumption 
[Holmberg, K., Andersson, P., & Erdemir, A. (2012). Global energy consumption due to friction in passenger cars. Tribology International, 47, 221–234]