Choreographer and Dancer Bios

*2 Choreographers and 13 more to be added after auditions

Guy Seemann
Founder and Choreographer
Guy started dancing in 2004 after joining the American University's dance team, AU in Motion. He soon became a hip hop choreographer and eventually was an executive board member. For the past two years Guy has been learning LA style Salsa and performs basic break dance. Guy is currently working for the Israeli government doing US-Israel relations, consults for the Jewish Agency and leads leadership seminars for various programs around Israel. Performances include Au in Motion's bi-annual shows from 2004-2007. Born August 14, 1985.

Marvin Casey

Co-Founder and Head Choreographer
Born in July 1981, Marvin has been dancing hip hop for over 10 years and has made it his professional career.He is well versed in Latin, Ballroom, Swing, Folk (Rikudai Am), and Modern. Some of his works include the premier of "Step Up" in St. Louis, MO, The Jerusalem Hannukah Flashmob, and Head Choreographer for the Israeli premiers of "Rent" and "13".

Marina Teremets
Choreographer- Tel Aviv

Galit Rand
Choreographer- Jerusalem
Born in Zurich, 1980. Since childhood, dancing has always played a big part in Galit's life. In her early days, she began with some ballet, Jazz and Street Dance. Although she enjoyed it, her heart was drawn to hip hop. Galit excelled in her hip hop dancing which culminated with joining the international hip hop group "Culture Shock". After she made Alyia, Galit started to teach at Studio B in Tel Aviv, and currently teaches at Studio 6, in Jerusalem. She is also a graphic designer for Bigraphic.