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The Atlantean Dragon Claw Orbis Ship


The Dragon Claw Orbis Ship


The Atlantean Dragon Claw Orbis Ship is a name that I gave to a Mysterious ship visible on a carved ivory handle of a knife from around 3250-3500.bC known as The Gebel el arak knife from egypt. This is the most mysterious ship of antiquity because nothing is known about it other than to classify it as a high prow mediterranean ship. The knife shows a battle scene of a group of warriors with high prow ships (Tarxiens?) attacking a tribe with either long hair on one side like the Maxyan Tribe mentioned by Herodotus in Libya or Arabians with a long head cloth and simple boats.

upon closer examination of the high prow ship with what appears as a leather helmeted warrior in front of it, you'll notice that the rear of the ship has a claw clutching an egg or an orb. The egg worship was also common to atlantean etruscans which may also help identify this ship as being from the tarxien tribes of malta. to further support this claim,  we notice a tell tale identifying marker that thankfully the engraver carved between the helmeted warrior and the front of the ship which is a spiral. The spiral is a definite tarxien trademark found carved in the stones all over the ancient tarxein sites of malta and gozo that produced temples since 6000.bC!

When studying the Phaistos Disk from the island of Crete which is thought to be from around 1650.bC, we notice that high prow ships are also one of the symbols that are carved on the disk. Although, un-visible to the naked eye, by using Microsoft Paint and inverting the color and zooming in, one will see an orb also on the back of the ship. This could indicate, since stone is difficult to date other than by it's surroundings and location, that the Phaistos Disk may also be either from or telling a story parallel to the Gebel el Arak knife of around 3500.bC!

Hard to notice, but this image of Xia, Malta appears to show a large ancient ship drawn on the side with a curved prow on it's right side.

(Just above the rocks in the middle behind the white floats in the water) There's also a covered port on the left side.

Egyptian Tomb 100 map showing ancient High Prow ships around 3500.bC. This appears to be a map of the "Great Green" or Mediterranean with the Delta at the right bottom and the black sea area top right showing Horses, lions and other animals. The island in the middle would be Crete which also had thriving trade with Egypt since 3000.bC for the record. This also shows a battle scene.

This legend of The Dragon Claw Orbis Ship gets even more peculiar and exciting thanks to a lady named Liz or "rockart" who posted pictures from the megaliths of Stonehenge on a forum that shows what appears to be a strange ship that wasn't really noticed by tourists because it hid behind the lichen on the rock which a camera happened to reveal. She called it a "Swan Boat".

These images are inverted color for clarity using Microsoft paint. You can revert them to the original color with the program if you like. Clearly we can see the image of a High Prow Ship with a Horned Dragon Head and what also appears as a mounted Egg or Orb on the rear of the Ship, carrying some sort of horned creature.

This is my interpretation of the image. I also pointed out that the right side pillar also had a hidden image of an ancient warrior.


Malta Chronology; http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/5685/one.html


Ghar Dalam 5200 - 4500 
Grey Skorba 4500 - 4400 
Red Skorba 4400 - 4100 

Temple Period 

Zebbug 4100 - 3800 
Mgarr 3800 - 3600 
Ggantija 3600 - 3000 > Dragon Claw Ship 
Saflieni c.3000 
Tarxien 3000 - 2500 

Bronze Age 

Tarxien Cemetery 2500 - 1500 
Borg in-Nadur 1500 - 700 
Bahrija 900 - 700 


Atlantean Etruscan Dragon handle Sceptor with 10 Lion Kings ca.800.bC

Atlantean Etruscan Dragon handle Sword that I translated as " A Kings Commemorative offering".




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