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Secrets (sSTA) of Aegyptos and The Palermo-Stone




   The Palermo Stone is a large fragment of a stele known as the Royal Annals of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. It contains records of the kings of Egypt from the First Dynasty through the Fifth Dynasty.

The stele, made of black basalt, was engraved toward the end of the Fifth Dynasty, in roughly the mid third millennium BC. It lists the kings of ancient Egypt after the unification of Lower Egypt (the region of the Nile River Delta in the north of Egypt) and Upper Egypt (extending from the middle of modern Egypt to the southern border with Nubia).



The stone was inscribed on both sides with the earliest known Egyptian text. The stela was originally about 2.1 metres tall by 60 centimetres wide. It was broken into a number of pieces, many of which are missing. The original location of the stela is unknown, but a portion of it was found at an archaeological site in Memphis.

The Palermo Stone fragment was first acquired by the Palermo Archaeological Museum in 1866.

Other pieces of the stela are in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and the Petrie Museum in London.[4] Most of the information on the stone concerning the first and second dynasties has not survived.

The ancient historian Manetho may have used the complete stela to construct his chronology of the dynasties of Egypt, written during the third century BC.


Most likely this stone was on display in Sais in the time of Solon and Pharaoh Amasis II ca.570.bC. In any case, it's record would have been known and preserved on a papyrus scroll or copied onto other stones or walls.

Today, the stone is on display at the Palermo Archaeological Museum in Sicily.


From right to left you are told; ____-pu(pw); Seka(Sk'); Khayu(H'-yw); Teyew (Tyw); Thesh (Ts); Ne"heb (N-"hb); Wazenez (W'd-'nd); Mekh (Mh); ____-a. 9 visible kings of a possible 14.

 One thing that is evident from our myths, is that some of the God's names we hear about were in fact real people in the past who later on became deified and remembered as Gods or Goddesses. This lends the possibility of Seka becoming the God Seker(Sokar) who may also compare to our Atlantean Atlas. Seker,the falcon headed God is also associated with irrigation canals and in the Egyptian Am-Duat(Voyage of the Sun), he stands on the sands of Rosetau (the entrance to the underworld or Atlantis Island) encircled by a canal, adjacent to Cleito's hill with a sphinx on either side.





3500.bC Min palette.



Narmer Palette ca.3250.bC showing the daughter Tjet. Note the double falcons of Amen.


Both these artifacts are from around the Atlantean War and dated around 3250.bC. The Knife shows the Tarxiens of Malta with their Dragon Claw Orbis (egg) ships battling Arabians with the long clothe to one side, or eastern delta tribes of Edem.



See the bird with hook under him above the boat? AMIN. The little bird on the cage symbolizes trouble or bad as in BA or Baal (bird can't get in). Notice the Bull ruining the 3rd District of Maerea Libya Delta Nile below right of the palette. It has 3 stones you can't miss knowing it's Maerea!


 The Narmer palette appears to be a Commemorative Palette to the 10 fallen Atlantis Kings . The Lower Egyptian King Narmer is barefoot, which should suggest he is paying respect while the Scepter of AMEN is being held and not striking TJET, Menes’ real daughter and not Narmer’s. Notice her hand is turned behind her while the other is pointing to Narmer. The Narmer palette was found over a 100 years ago and released just last year or so.


Double Falcon Jug, 3500.bC.




Horses are commonly thought by mainstream archaeologists to have been introduced into Egypt by the Hyksos kings ca1650.bC. Well we can see from this much older Tomb 100 map from ca.3500.bC that horses were around.


Here are two sketches from the artist Cavigglia ca.1818.aD that shows a missing stela from in front of the Sphinx. Wonder where it disappeared to? Did it mention our Atlantean ancestors and had to be hidden away or destroyed?


Here you see the "Masonic Square Purpose" of the Six Satellite Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre who altered Giza for Orion! The Atlantean built Great being hidden and the Lion of Atlantis known as the Sphinx having been moved from it's position of Rosetta or Rosetau at Saqqarra. The Twin Red and the other MISSING SPHINX to border the other side of the Oval Canal exactly as on Atlantis of Neptune's Atlantic Ocean. The Sun was greeted at Rosetta, Egypt by the Memnon statues of God and His Wife. Then the Sun went home to Atlantis in the Ocean and was born ANEW and FREE of SINS.

The Colossal Memnon statues.


 The missing Sphinx near the Red Pyramid. Note the rectangular shape at the rear (left side) where ancient records may have been buried under the sphinx.

Obviously you can see the statues were moved as they lean over their bases. They may have been Orbs or Heads topped by Orbs originally and re-sculpted into Pharaohs. AS WE SEE HERE AT ABU SIMBEL'S JA'S TEMPLE when it was buried and IA, JA or JAO for the Orb on His Head. IA also became disguised as IAH the Egyptian Pre-Dynastic Moon God. JAinism is our oldest Religion worshipped by millions prior to the Bible as JOVE also portrays for Europe and still alive in INDIA for the "footprint" of Adam on their Mountain alike God's footprint in our Garden of Avila, Tansania! The Forgotten Island of our Second Origins. Wonder what is written on top? Was that also altered?


Now for the Proof in the Pudding of Why they hid JA MN as AMEN (the hidden one) who was also known as MIN. And also how RANUB became RA's SON. The truer Atlantean head wear being reflected on either side by the twins.




Now if you look at JAO's ABU SIMBEL Temple that was moved aside of all the other things they moved around like the Giant Seated Statues of Pharaohs in saqqara of MEMNON or sphinxes.(The figures aren't centered but hang over the edge of their bases.) 

You'll notice a figure in a rectangular vertical niche with a giant Orb above his head.

This is where Ranub became a SUN GOD of RA and RA was born into the Egyptian Myth. It is clearly not a sun for they would have drawn the rays like Aten. I wouldn't say it's a Moon either because no craters or land areas are etched. Just a smooth ball or Orbis, just like the Atlantean Orbis Dragon Claw ships of TarXien, Malta where Calypso the Goddess of Atlantis was highly prized even unto the time of the Christ known as Jesus, but in truth his name was JASA or JA's Son. 

Here's the catch. This is how they also hid JA as in the pre-dynastic Moon God IAH or JAH and where that idea came from. 

In truth it is simply the "SEED" or “ORB” of life, the planets and our Creation, thus He is a true figure of A CREATOR GOD ONLY and not a sun god or a moon god but the Atlantean God JA MN. We know this because the Egyptian Moon God was IA or JA. I AM remember? Or AMEN or IA as in UA for Most Praised of the Sky. Like the Arabian Allah also means “most high” or the Semitic Alhym for “most powerful”. Just like Budd-AH or Ba-AL also carry the Letter A as our Continents names do. AHYM means I AM in hebrew as moses learned for exodus. The letters A and M being hidden by the HY just like they hid Avila with HavilaH for Edem or Eden. Eve means night or darkness while she was named LIFE in the Septuagint! From Life we get the term for Wife! 

Revelations even tells you that they called upon the name of GOD as AMEN! Just like all the JASA's where one became known as Jesus also did! They disguised the true meaning of AMEN from you! In other words “the hidden one so be it!”. Don't you wonder why you say Amen after your prayers? Think deeply. 



The Two Twin Atlantean Pyramids just like at Josephine, and Seker's Realm of the AM-DUAT, mark the oval canal. This was in memory of Seker's realm who is the first visible King on the right with the Risen Arms of Umans, shu, Atlas or hehheh that god of many with risen arms. The spelling is SKA that would be SEKA, Saka or Seker of the AM-Duat proving his Atlantean connection with Menes and Ja Mn. This is what's known as Rosetau or the entrance into the underworld for Ra's Journey WEST to the Atlantic. In truth the entrance way to Atlantis Island. As Ra the sun also passed through seker's pyramids of Atlantis Island in the underworld of the Atlantic Ocean, so too he arose to greet Rosetau of Saqqara and pass through the Twin Atlantean Pyramids there in Egypt of the Great and the Red!


Seker The Falcon headed Lord, stands between two wings (Double Falcons) in the center of a rectangular oval canal with lions on either side (sphinxes). Above Seker is Calypso's (Cleito) hill (primordial mound) topped off by a female head looking to the East. Calypso also became related with Cybele. Both of Course from Leucippe or Maat, the All Mother of Atlantis. They in turn passed on to Diana, Athena and Neith then later hathor, Isis, Ishtar. Above the hill is a tunnel, tombstone or palette with a Falcon on either side meaning AMEN or AMENTI for the Double Falcons of AMEN and NEIT. (God and Goddess).



Rosetau is also reflected in Sakkara where Saqqarra comes from Saka, the king on the Palermo Stone. This is why the Twin Pyramids of the Great and the Red stand as they do bordering Saqqara with the Delta as Seker's realm with the primordial hill and encircling canal. The cover ups are nothing new since the Atlantean kingdom lost control by the intervention, or how everything else changed for the worse and the Ramses kings, like Khufu, intermarried with Persia and Phoenicia. Then the only descent kings left for Egypt was the two Ahmose kings. The first or Ahmose I drove the Phoenician Hyksos out of Egypt and Ahmose II told the truth about Egypt and it's history with Atlantis. FACTS. Ahmose II was an Atlantean Libyan.

Now for the Proof in the Pudding of Why they hid JA MN as AMEN (the hidden one) who was also known as MIN. And also how RANUB became RA's SON. Now if you look at the Abu Simbel Temple, aside of all the other things they moved around like the Giant Seated Statues of Pharaohs in saqqara of MEMNON or sphinxes.(The figures aren't centered but hang over the edge of their bases.)



You'll notice a figure in a rectangular vertical niche with a giant Orb above his head.

This is where Ranub became a SUN GOD of RA and RA was born into the Egyptian Myth. It is clearly not a sun for they would have drawn the rays like Aten. I wouldn't say it's a Moon either because no craters or land areas are etched. Just a smooth ball. Here's the catch. This is how they also hid JA as the Moon God IAH or JAH and where that idea came from.

In truth it is simply the "SEED" of life, the planets and our Creation, thus He is a true figure of GOD ONLY and not a sun god or a moon god but the Atlantean God JA MN.


I AM remember? Or AMEN <> JA MN.


The Atlantean 3rd Nome of Libyan Egypt, Maerea was also known as AMU or AMENT!

The Roman coins write; Libya, Haukratitis, Mareotis and Alexandria! (Prof.Petrie)

The Roman writers scribe; Momemphis, MAREIA, Naukratis, Nitriotis and Alexandreia! (Prof.Petrie)

The 3rd nome is represented as the LEG of Osiris..thus MR or what they call a chisel is actually a calf's leg! The chisel for them has other meaning as we know. MR means "beloved" in Egypt or beloved of MAEREA.


Now when we see in pre-dynastic Egypt the Falcon hieroglyph on top of a shrine holding the SCEPTER and the palette symbol next to it or a tunnel this means AMENTI for Amen and Neith and also Rosetau for the entranceway through the underground tunnel to reach AMENTI during Ra's voyage of the Sun in the Am-Duat. Rosetau is the 4th field while AMENTI is the 5th field. Now Rosetau is fashioned the same way in Egypt as Saqqara that came from Seker's realm of Amenti. Recall the large Circular River flowing around in Egypt in a rectangular Circle at Saqqara in the Map above of Marerea showing Herakleopolis.
That is to GREET the SUN between the Two Twin Pryamids, while the underworld or Atlantis I was where the SUN WENT HOME and was born anew and purified of it's sins to rise for the next day. While at the Center of the Canal towards the Sun would have been placed the Colossal Statues of MEMNON. (Giant Seated Double Falcon Kings as seen on the homepage of my website)

A field in the Am-Duat is mentioned as being 220 measures long by 300 measures wide.


Earth equatorial circumference = 40,075 km / 24,901 miles / 24 = 1037.5 mph

12,450.5 miles = night or day travel

The Sun would travel at 1037.5 mph.!!


Each field = 1037.5 miles / 220 measures = 4.72 miles per measure


300 = 1,416 miles (Kerma, Sudan to Inegol, Turkey)

Roughly Azores Islands to Cape Verde.


A field would be 1037.5 miles long by 1,416 miles wide beginning at the Sphinxes head.


[b]4th field reaches Rastau = 3,112.50 miles from Giza Rastau.[/b]


The 5th field is known as Amentet,where the 4th and 5th fields would make up the area and location of Atlantis Island being 300 measures wide by 440 measures long or 1,416 miles wide by 2075 long that is outlined by the yellow square.


Note the proximity of Rastau's entrance to my Josephine/Torre location for the Royal City before the Straites. The box should move up slightly to position with Josephine since the Sun travels northwardly then southerly around there. An almost perfect match of provenance!



Study these letters closely and see if you get the secret message in them! Notice the M is a Pyramid with outstetched arms like MN's Twin Pyramids?

I'll give you a hint. The A is a Millenium Falcon! Notice that Pa or PaPa is a Cross with an extra line? (God took his own Rib!) and Qa or Queen is little egg on top of a pedestal with outstretched arms of twins being boys and girls! The ca "from here" being the Encircled Cross of our Creator while Ci is Spirituality. The J for JA being alike to the Djet Pillar of Egypt for OF JAO! N being the Temple of Neptune. R being the Throne for our King or RA. D or DA or "From or Form" being the landing base. T or Ta for Earth being the Towns and civilizations. Wa or Away meaning God left to return on His Millenium Falcon to Evermore beyond the North Star! Linear A being our Root Language groups from the Atlantean Azilian Aterian 12,000 (thousand) year old WRITINGS of Iberia and NW Africa! SOLOEIS! Linear A is still hidden and suppressed today and a beautiful language of God's Divine Wisdom where all you have to do is ADD GOD"S letter A to every other to speak and understand! PaPa, Mama,Caca,Va or Go or VIA like by way of. As noticed the Z for ZHA is drawn by the evil Egyptian AnKHA PIN! For God knew of their coming and greatest of our betraYAls! See DE the pyramid lifting off or DEparting? Are our Atlantean Twin Pyramids Spaceships buried in Stone? I wonder! As Above So Below! Another Great Riven Secret! 


 Click on this image for a large detailed view of underneath the sphinx, apparently from a masonic paper around 1930.


This is the missing labyrinth Temple of saqqarra where our previous to Jesus, JASA was ritualy murdered upon the altar. The very spot where today stands a water tower ironicaly! This temple was dismantled and moved some 5000 miles from Egypt and reassembled. An exact duplicate is still visible at the Pompeii pillar of Alexandria as my website shows. The temple in my mysterean page shows The Son on top a broken altar with a Sun overhead. I found it on a far away island after revealing the Garden of Avila. JASA or Philitis the Shepherd was murdered Dec.10th, 3474.bC at 8:08am by Snoferu. Same day as Black Horus' birthday who also visited Aleister Crowley the satanist and occultist towards our time, that is Black Horus. That is why 885 years are missing from Egypt's records and why they reverted to the Solar Calendar's of Ranubs Sun Temples. Mercury and Venus formed the bright star while Jupiter was overhead in Draco and the Crux or Cross upside down upon the horizon just like the crooked dagger upon JASA!! God's Son! Jesus was a replicated and staged act of The Sun Ritual of The Pentagram or the ABRAHAM_DUAT! That is why they are called Hamites!




  Fortunately for Us, our True God left His name on top of the Atlantean Great Pyramid to remind us of the Lies of Phanes and our True Garden in Tansania and His image on the Airshaft Stone Plug!


Yellow Picassa filtered color for the pyramid and red filter color by Picassa for the stone shaft. As usual, I just outline what I see as a SEER!
 800.bC Etruscan Dragon head and 10 lion kings Electrum Gold Scepter. 




                       _______.111.[R]. The Tale of the Two Tails of The Palermo Stone by Paulo Riven.[R].111.____________



First row Top Left to Right as Kings Face  


Amen Menes: [khaka Wadjnez]should be MrTa or Maereata: Anita Maerea (Princess) : Tajata : Dajaru : GaDjii : Iau (Jau)


The First Dynasty family preserved and mirrored the Original Atlantis Kings. (Geminii Secret)


MeneSeuS____Meneses____________Memory of God,Guardian of God JA MN.(Evanor's Son)

Evaemon_____Mereata_____________highest praised Woman (Leucippe's Daughter - Beloved of Reata? Queen of the Earth - Rea - Ta) (Maat / Maatahare)


Calypso/Cleito__Anita Maerea (Taje.t on the narmer palette)


Atlas_______Tajata_______________Foremost of God's Earth Land People

Gadeiros____Dajaru_______________Greatness of God's Twin King (Atlas Twin)


Ampheres____Gadjii________________Greatness of Gadeiros___at both sides

Autochthon__Iau / JAU ____________Spirit of JA Mn,Earthborn


Mestor______Menswru ?_______________NNE,Suitor,Mentor,MesraimThoth (king who sided with Phoenicia)

Elasippus___????____________________Horse rider,tamer,ruler (Kha'a?-extended of Arm) (Usurper of Phoenicia or Upper Egypt)


Azaes_______Ranubkha?__________________Burnt one,dark skinned,ashen (usurper)

Diaprepes__Shamerkha.t_(SemSem head priest)_written knowledge of God (Anedjib usurped?)


MrNeit or Maerita, Chisel for mr altered to bull's leg then a flower for Wadi. T symbol altered into a fish. Mr = Beloved. MR-i-TA. Also Maat.

Anita Maerea- Anita = Hidden T or island symbol plus seated risen lion - Maia) The lion being altered but still noticeable. T visible in my x-ray

pic. N water symbol as AN.

Tjata - it's not Tjasha,they added the lines to look like a pool for sha. If not there is still no water in the rectangle. It's TA = Earth.

Dajaru- is a fake reed.Reeds don't have feathers! The T or island symbol for TA as Earth alike Tara or Terra also covered up the Snake for DJ or


Gadjii- Bull's ear = Greatness and strength for survival as in GD DJ or Greatness of JA.

Iau / Jau - Reed plant for I altered into a folded clothe forletter s.They erased the bottom line. The risen arms of U-mans is UA or AU = Most high,

not KHA like upper egypt or bulls.


Khaka = Upper Egyptian pharaoh title. ie: Khaka narmer.Upper Egypt + Arabians & Nubians of Khenyah.

Khaka Narmer murdered Menes at 63 years of age while Gadjii and Jau were ruling as twins for Lower and Upper Egypt.

Placed his name inbetween Menes and Maerita disguised as khaka then Wadjenez with a bull's leg for KHA and Karinka (Oxyrinchus) KAtfish.KHAKA. KHA =

Bull. Then it became a plant for wadi or Oasis.


It must have been Mrta or Maereata such as her name was given to the lower Egyptian province of Maerea.Ta being Earth so Land of Maerea.

By the way the bity or bee is actually upper and the sw plant Lower like the siwa oasis also.

The bee stings such as the khaka pharaohs of upper egypt stang and slaughtered lower egypt as evident by the narmer palette.


Second Row left to right continuing proper direction. Hard to say how the letters are actually pronounced from now on or how they changed them.


Starts with Atlas Tajeta as Djeta.


Sq 1: Month of (announcing) Giving Tajeta the Sword of The land and the Royalship. Upper Egypt 2 spans. Lower Egypt 4 Royal Cubits (RCb = 21in.)

Sq 2: Festival of Amen's Maereata, (Amen Nt)she or wife of Menes. (Min Plant) Upper 1 Rcb. Lower 6 Rcb

Sq 3: sw ta risen sun,risen land of lower Egypt,Worship of God Min's land. Lower 5 Rcb

Sq 4: Festival Amen Maereata. Foremost(khenti) under heaven of Min's land. Upper 1 Rcb Lower 5 Rcb

Sq 5: Temple of the God's of Menes Lower Egypt Rosetau Journey Upper 5 Rcb 1 finger Lower 5 Rcb

Sq 6: Festival Amen Maereata Seated as the Goddess Maat,pregnant. Upper 5 Rcb 1 finger Lower 5 Rcb

Sq 7: Twin sons of Menes born in Upper Egypt (SaSa - gooses) Upper 1 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 8: Festival of Amen Maereata Spirit of Rosetau Journey.  Nile levels N/A.

Sq 9: 13th Year 4th month Unification of the Two Lands by The House of Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt 7 Rcb

Sq 10:15th year Nile Level N/A

sq 11: Festival of Amen Maereata Min's land Primordial Mound? Memphis? broken off, Nile level N/A


Third Row.  Anita Maerea (MrNeit)


Sq 1: Star appears in the heavens of Min's lands. Maerea Anita Mother's Tejata (Atlas) Nile Upper 1 finger 6 Rcb Lower 3 Rcb (lion on neit spool)

Sq 2: Sword of Upper Egypt's risen land TAKEN by rrhotep? Raneb Hotep khaka (Narmer). Upper 2 spans Lower 2 Rcb

Sq 3: Ja Mn's Land Tomb of Tajata child (Seti) or Menes died and Tajata as seti child ascended upon the standard. Upper 1 Rcb 2 fingers Lower 6 Rcb

Sq 4: Journey to Lower Egypt's land War between the two lands (Ja's Ram) Lower Egypt vs Upper Egypt's Horus most high. Upper 2 spans Lower 5 Rcb

Sq 5: Spoken in Lower Egypt of fighting (aha) between the City of the Twin Children of Min against Khnum Hathuptah.(house of God Ptah) Lower 5 Rcb

Sq 6: Khamenti (foremost) Temple of The Throne of God and Goddess of the Westerners of Amentet. District of Maerea. Nile 2 Rcb

Sq 7: Star appears in the Heaven.[b] First Record of JASA,God's Son.[/b] Temple of the Throne of the God and Goddess. Protected from horus. 3 flags =

3 Wise Men Upper 2 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 8: Festival of the Temple of The Throne of God and Goddess. (Amen and Wife). [b]JA's CHRISTIAN CROSS BETWEEN 2 FLAGS[/b] Lower Egypt's Rosetau.

Upper 2 fingers 1 Rcb Lower 5 Rcb

Sq 9: Giving the 2nd twin Dajatii (Dajaru) the land rulership Upper 2 Rcb Lower 5 Rcb

Sq 10: Sedj worship of Ja and Jasa (neptune fork with pyramid - Js,J) land Eastern and Tatenen Amenti(western) Lower Egypt Upper 2 spans Lower 3 Rcb

Sq 11: Upper and Lower Egypt Risen Lands.dsrt (Red Pyramid) of Rosetau. Upper 3 fingers Lower 8 RCB (FLOOD 14 feet > Bubastis Earthquake.)

Sq 12: 3 wise Priests of Menes Purify Temple Upper 2 spans Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 13: God Temple of Ptah beloved of KHuti, Dejuty Thoth of RA??? Upper 2 fingers 1 Rcb Lower 2 Rcb


Fourth Row


Temple of Horus God Nun Upper Egyptian king nhb r n nbw (RAnehub KHAka) Sun Worship,Gold worship,human blood sacrifices. (Narmer Murderer of Menes)


Sq 1: Festival of Amen Maereata Given something. damaged. nile N/A.

Sq 2: Upper Egypt risen land of the south (rshw) Mas Djet died. Either Djet or his Mother. Lower Egypt 3 Rcb

Sq 3: Festival of Amen Maereata Given in the land of Tj.t ru Ta Tajataru / Tajeru 9 month Upper 2 fingers, Lower 2Rcb

Sq 4: Upper Egypt risen land Given 3rd month Rosetau Royalship! Upper 2 fingers, Lower 2 fingers

Sq 5: Festival of Amen Maereata Given in Tajeru (Lower Egypt/Saqqara) 8th month Upper 5 Rcb 2 fingers Lower 3 Rcb

Sq 6: Upper Egypt risen land given 2 month taking sha r r hathor (house of horus) KHA Hotep. Upper 4 Rcb 3 fingers Lower 3 fingers

Sq 7: Festival of Amen Maereata Given 7th month in Tajeru. Lower 1 finger (drought)

Sq 8: Given Amen Journey towards the evening star with the Sword. (setting sun) to Khenti Rastau (Amenti / Atlantis) Twin Pillars. Upper 3 fingers

Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 9: Festival of Amen Maereata given 6th month in Tajeru. Given in Tajeru 6th month. Upper 3 fingers Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 10: Risen land of Upper Egypt Given 2nd month Rastau Royalship Upper 4 Rcb 2 fingers Lower 3 Rcb

Sq 11: Upper and lower Egypt's Risen lands. Son takes Apis Bull of Life. (NOTICE THE ORIGINAL ANKH IS SPLIT LIKE A HUMAN = LIFE) uPPER 2 fingers

Lower 4 Rcb

Sq 12: Festival of Amen Maereata 4th month Tajeru Upper 2 fingers lower 5 Rcb


Sq 14: Festival of Amen Maereata (broken off)


Fifth Row


Sq 1: Festival of Amen Maereata Lower Egypt 3 Rcb (broken)


Rcb, Lower 3 Rcb

Sq 3: Festival of Amen Maereata for MIN's land of Menes. (memorial for JASA) Big Event. Upper 2 fingers 1 span 3 Rcb Lower 2 Rcb


[b]Sq 4: Risen lands of Upper and Lower Egypt. District of the island of Snoferu. Horus seated OVER NEIT and the Gods as one of the twin pillars of

Rosetau.(Memnon Collossus Gates where the Sun greeted Rosetau in Egypt before setting at Rosetau Atlantis Twin Pillars. End of Atlantis dynasty.

Lie of Djoser to remember where JASA was for the khaka satanic rituals of sokar the draconian) Upper 2 fingers Lower 4 Rcb[/b]


Sq 5: Risen lands of Upper and lower Egypt BOUND (Hotep) Pillar of Lower Egypt taken. Upper 2 fingers 2 Rcb 1 span Lower 4 Rcb


Sq 6: 23rd year second month change of rulership or co-ship with Khaka Uphu. Nile N/A.


Sq 7: Given 4th month Min head dress, Star of Neit's hand nsphratuti (nospheratuti -snoferu's wife) Neit's land. Upper Egypt 2 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb


Sq 8: Festival of Amen Maereata given 8th month Tjeta God's of the Gold (nbw-nibiru?) Upper 2 fingers 1 span 2 Rcb Lower 4 Rcb


Sq 9: Risen Kha kha Temples on Menes land s King of upper Egypt Sokar Upper Egypt 3 fingers 6 Rcb Lower 2 Rcb


Sq 10: Festival of Amen Meareata Given 8th month Tjeta Hotep YA NUBU (Yoruba Nubians!) Upper 1 finger Lower 3 Rcb


sq 11: Risen lands of Upper and lower Egypt nit-hotep Min re nt (Merenit) God. (Minerva?)  Upper 1 finger Lower 2 Rcb

(They altered Neit to Nit (a mite and with Hotep) Then reseated Tajeru probably at Memphis with their new gods of Ausir and Aset with Phoenicia and

Nubia Upper Egypt Khaka u Fuhk s of YAHORUBA!!! = 8 = Hermaphrodite Entwined Serpents of Zhaka Satan Zathanel Hatuptah the Hotep of PtaH!!!


Sq 12: Festival of Amen Meareata Given 6th month Tejaru land.


666 Row. Snoferu and Nospheratu = Satan and Sekhamet. Snoferu Murdered JASA upon the altar of the Temple of Labyrinth Fire!!!


Snoferu now has the Upper and Lower Egyptian Crowns. At least that's all he'll get for his lifetime of eternity into the Pit of The Calling in Kenya with his PHATER of Phanes and His Zanub sons!!!!




______________________.111.[R].Paulo Riven The Seer And Royal Bloodline To Atlantis.[R].111.___AeJor-Mn Son of JA MN.






Guess we know our Truths about the Bright Star, The Three Wise Men and JASA the Son of God..........WRITTEN IN PALERMO STONE!!!

And we know the Tale of The Two Tails of The Ob Harlots! Contention and ConTemption!


Atlantis is Real as God JA MN and His Wife and Your True Second Garden of Tansania ARE.......Dear Atlanteans!!!


To Know Is Immortal

The Truth Shall You Set You Free!

Lux of Ipse



The Palermo Stone story by Paulo Riven. Sunday, August 01, 2010.aD.  8492.aJA.



A Comparison between Menes and Atlas.


Another realization that we are faced with is that the names for our Atlanteans are only Greek translations of the "meaning" of the names from the Egyptians who also translated them from the Atlanteans. In other words, Atlas is not the first Kings real name. Since Atlas can also mean Foremost of the People and my Latin boustrophedon translation of the kings names reveal that Mneseus played a more dominant role which also relates to Mnoans or Min-oans, I decided to take a closer look at Pharaoh Menes.

We should understand how Atlas can mean "to endure" from Greek for "Tlas" which was also translated from the Egyptian hieroglyph of "risen arms" as symbolized in the titular of Ptah, Geb or Shu and also in any name with KA like Seka or Menkaure. This risen arms hieroglyph also goes back to pre-dynastic Egypt around 3500.bC or the Atlantean Double Falcon era as the Tehenu Libyan Palette reminds us.


Other meanings are;

ate-laas = ate; ruin, laas; stone, "ruined stone" (Greek)
at-laos = atte; father, laos; people "father of the people" (Greek)
Or Egyptian; Hat = foremost, first established, it = father
Hat-remet or at-laos would be "foremost father of the people".
A = origin, foremost, first established, sired, fathered, beginning.
khenti-amenti is also "foremost of the westerners".
epanateilantos = Greek for "risen land"
Tatenen = Egyptian for foremost or primordial "risen land" or "God's Risen land" since Tatenen is also a God of Egypt.


We can also compare this to Memphis in it's older name of Hiku-ptah or Heka-ptah which can also be identified with Tatenen and Risen land.
The Heiro-glyph or a kneeling god with risen arms is H.H or Heh. The Heiro-glyph of risen arms is also pronounced as KA.
We are aware that the Risen Arms glyph is not only considered to represent Shu, Geb or Ptah but also Atlas.
So in a sense, Hiku or Heka can also mean Risen, which ironically, Heka is the magic of Egypt.
Memphis was where Pharaoh Menes established the first temple to the god Ptah on an island in the Nile Delta.

Pharaoh Menes also was married to Neit-hotep and built the first temple of Neith in Sais, Egypt.

I have also suggested how Atlantis can be interpreted in Egyptian as Hat.nt.iw for "foremost island of Neith".
Where iw in Egyptian means island like "is" at the end of AT-la-NT-IS can also be thought of as Isle or "iw".

The name Atlan.t (is) can also be considered a feminine name as clarified by the letter .t at the end for female or women in Egyptian or Semitic languages.

The relevance with NT or Neit is striking since we are also aware that not only is She mentioned in The Timaeus or Critias as being the same goddess worshipped by the Greeks as AThena, but also that She strongly represents Lower Egypt and is claimed to have originated in LIBYA, perhaps around the Atalantes regions of Lake Tritonis or somewhere near to Geb who also is associated with Libya.


(This is also a good point of how Plato or Solon had knowledge of AThena as Neith which was also evidenced in Linear B Mycenaean scripts)


This comparison to Neith is also strengthened by the fact that Atlantis ruled Europe up to Tyrhennia (Italy) and Libya (north Africa) up to Egypt as mentioned by Plato. A strong fact that many ATlantis researchers ignore for their theories of Atlantis to be placed in far away locales like Indonesia, south or north Americas, Antarctica, Asia, the Black sea or even Greenland.


The other striking fact is that Pharaoh Menes can also be compared to Atlas.

The Glpyh for Mn = "enduring".

Mn Nfr = "enduring beauty".

Mn or Menes = "established"


Menes is also considered to be the "foremost or established father of Egypt" or the First pharaoh of the First Dynasty.

I have also shown the mysterious boustrophedon names of our Atlantean founders in the Critias, which reveal a Latin hidden message that also suggest that MneSeus and Evaemon were the main Atlanteans. Mneseus, I translated as "memory of a god or warrior" which also compares to his Egyptian title of Hor-Aha or "Horus The Fighter". He also introduced the worship of the God, Ptah.

Eveamon was translated as "fortunate or favored woman", which can also be compared to Menes' wife, Neit-hotep.

It is also interesting to note that Abtu/Abedju or Abydos was also the cult center of the god Khenti-amenti (foremost of the westerners) who was later compared to Osiris.
Abydos was the holiest city in Egypt during the 7th dynasty and had a canal from the river Nile up to the Temple of Seti I, which was later usurped by Ramses II.

Another clue that links Menes to Atlas is also;
Weneg-The flower-sign used to write his name "wng" was early on mistakenly replaced by a papyrus-plant glyph, changing his name to wadj-nes.
This was translated into Greek by Manetho into "outgot-las", which resulted in "Tlas" in the transcriptions.
This is saying that "nes" transfers to "las". So Mn-nes would also be At-las.
Like Atlas having Atlantis named after him, so was Memphis called Mennefer (Mn nfr=enduring beauty), which relates to Menes. (enduring)


n = we/us/our; in Egyptian
n sp = together
(source; heiroglyphics.net)

At-las (laos/tlas) = foremost father (atte) enduring, (tlas) of the people (laos) = established, permanent.

Mn-Nes = enduring (Mn) of the people (ns). (foremost established father) it=father in Egyptian.

Hat.=foremost, front of; Hat.ns = foremost of the people. At-laos = foremost of the people

Atlas = Menes


There are some interesting comparisons between the 10 kings of Atlantis and the First Dynastic kings of Egypt. There is of course, a question of whether the 10 Atlantean kings names are in order as related by Critias. Around 420.bC, Critias was able to study the original script passed down from 570.bC to rehearse for his presentation at the theater in front of Socrates which he orated from memory. This also leaves a question of whether Plato was using the original script from Dropides to Critias also or a recorded script of Critias' live speech at the amphitheater.

Some of the Egyptian names like Menes, Djer and Merneith, seem to line up correctly while others do not.

Gadeiros would be in Phoenician, GA DR, meaning rich in goats. Djer was also spelled in some cases DR, where we also realize that J and I were interchangeable. So Gadeiros or Gad (j) r can also be thought of as Djer.

Queen Merneith lines up with Evaemon whose meaning suggests that it is a women's name. Considering 5 sets of twins were born to Cleito, it is highly probable that at least 1 of 10 would be a female child.


Diaprepes, meaning "written knowledge of God", strongly suggests that He should be matched up to Semsem (semerkhet), whose name means "priest of priests" or head priest. His heiroglyph, 7th in the Abydos list, is the only glyph for a king drawn entirely as a standing priest with a was scepter.

Den seems to suggest being lined up with Ampheres because he was known as the "two estates" and the first to use the "two ladies" nebty titular. His name by Manetho, Usaphais, also compares to Ampheres.

Raneb, being identified with the Sun could compare to Azaes.


These are the Atlantean and Egyptian names in order as recorded.

Atlas..............enduring, established..............Menes
Gadeiros.......rich in sheep/goats..................Djer
Ampheres.....to rest at both sides..................Djet (wadj)
Evaemon.......famous woman.........................Merneith
Mneseus........memory of god/warrior.........Den
Autochthon...earthborn...................................Merbiap (anedjib)
Elasippus......horserider..................................Semerkhet (semsem...Head Priest)
Diaprepes.....knowledge of God....................Raneb




Meni;.......................enduring, established, Hor-Aha, horus the fighter.......Menes
Djer;........................Hor-Djer, Horus who succours (rescues,aides)..............Iti...Kenkenes
Djet;........................Wadj, horus the snake/cobra.............................................Ita...Uenephes
Merneith;...............beloved by Neith
Den;........................horus who strikes, two estates, septi, udimu..................Usaphais
Merbiap;................Anedjib, safe of heart...........................................................meibis
Semerkhet;.............Semsem, companion of the gods, priest of priests..........semempses
Qa'a;........................extended of arm, qebehu /qheb
Hotepsekhemwy;....two powers at rest /satisfied.............bawnetjer.............boethos
Raneb;.....................lord of the sun, ra is lord, nebre, kakau, soul of bulls....kaiechos
khnumnetjer;.........Banetjer, ninetjer, Sacred ram..............................................binothris
Weneg;....................wadjnes, fresh of tongue?, outgotlas.................................Tlas


Memphis - Mennefer, Ineb-Hedj (The White Wall)
Ankh-Tawy (That which binds the two lands), Hiku-ptah > Aigyptos
(includes; Dahshure, Saqqara, Abusir, Zawyet el-Aryan, Giza, Abu Rawash, Mit-Rahina)
extended some 19 miles along the west bank of the Nile.
mn-nfr, Hwt-kA-ptH

“Queen Merenith ruled Egypt as regent when Den became king as a child.
There are, however, many scholars who think that Merenith was a ruler in her own right.”

Atlantis revealed in ivory label of King Menes?


The story about Urani is based on L.A.Waddells interpretation of an ivory label from a tomb of Menes in Abydos. Waddell’s thesis is that Menes was the son of Sargon the Great and Narmer the son of Menes and that the Egyptians came from Sumeria. This was published around 1930. Waddell interprets the forepart of a lion as "the western lands", which would seem logical since Africa is the lions land and west of Sumeria, but not actually as Waddell relates for his Sumerian preference, which in Egyptian actually means "front" or "foremost".

The Aha 1 label in Francesco Raphaels website shows the lion in front of a bird over a sideways u shaped rope with loops on the ends over a stair.
The bird can be “a”(hawk or falcon) or “w”(chick) or “ur” as a swallow.
The rope is Th or Tj.
The stair may be rw since rwd is a stairway in Egyptian.
HAt - (a or w or ur)- tj-rw
rwd = stairway
The bird as drawn is unlikely to be a chick so we'll rule out the w.
This should then spell something like;
HAt a Tj rw, HAt a Th rw, or HAt ur Tj rw and HAt ur Th rw
So we have words like hatatejaru, hatatheru, haturtejaru and haturtheru in Aha 1's label.



The Urani story, comes from the Aha 3 label in Francesco's website which now shows a Lion, an x in a balloon shape, and the rope over the stair.
x in a balloon should be the same as the x in a circle for city or niwt in Egyptian.
Then we would have; HAt niwt tj rw, HAt niwt th rw .
(Could also just be HAt NT tj/th rw or HAt NT ti/y ru- hatnttiru, hatnttyru)
Aha 3 would be hatniwttejaru, hatniwttheru or hatnttejaru, hatnttheru.



The rw for stair we could even compare to iw for island and perhaps as uru, eru or aru as phonetic terms for island also.
[b]To write HAt in Greek or English we would start with AT as they did for Athribis.
At a nt tj iw - At a nt ti is
That would mean that those labels are referring to the island of Atlantis!
How close is all this to my suggestion of HAt ta nt iw or HAt ta ntr iw for Atlantis? Quite remarkable I'd say.[/b] :)

part of Waddells translation from Sumerian;
"tianu mad shu du gun u ra ni i ki ur e"
of the western lands, he built a holding(possession) at Urani land, at the Lake of the Peak.

(waddell interprets the forefront lion as Tianu or Tianu Mad shu -The western lands)
the symbol for niwt or city in Egyptian he translates as Uranii
Waddell states that in sumerian ur,uru = dog and uhr in egyptian.
I found Tsm = dog (tjsm or thsm) in Egyptian.

Waddell also thinks that Urani is Erin or Ireland and he equates his research with the Norse Edda myth and that Menes sailed to Cornwall England for Tin and died at Knock Many or Hill of Many in ireland, from a wasp sting.
He also equates the sumerian term "gut" with Goth, which I believe simply means "Great" as in semitic GD for Great also.
There is also a possibility that since this voyage was to the extreme western lands, that the lake of the peak could also refer to Mt Atlas and Lake Tritonis or maybe even the Azores islands with Mt.Pico.

Waddell thought the Sumerians settled Egypt, I think the Egyptians settled Sumeria
And Menes was Oannes the Manfish “sailor” who appeared to them.

My aforesaid statement;
king Den also opened a lake and named it Swt-NTjerw - which is also close to HAt NT iw.
This seems to be the underlying truth that Hat NT Tj rw is the correct term for the Aha3 label as I suggested above. Perhaps Swt-Ntjerw is a mistranslation for the name of the lake commemorated by King Den for the iland of Atlantis as Hat-Nt tjerw. It also seems to confirm that the stair is rw.

Although we would spell it Atantis and the Greeks would say Atlantis.


So we have Hat Nt tj rw in label 3 and Hat ta tj rw in label 1.

"Foremost City of Tajeru" - label 3
"Foremost earth of Tajeru" - label 1


"Foremost city of Ja's island
"Foremost earth of Ja's island

tj = te JA or of JA or of God.

HAt ta nTr iw- Foremost Earth of God's Island.

T or Tn or Tw = You / yours in Egyptian
J or JA is God.


Evermore, the name of Atlantis is a disguise of the city as HAt-nt-tjeru.

Where the city would then be Tajaru.
Earth of God's island or Kingdom
(rw- rau/ra - Tajara)

The Greeks would see it as the island of Atanti since the J was an I to them!

It's possible I may have found the name of Atlantis and the "hidden" Royal City in Egyptian records of the first dynasty of Pharaoh Menes.

The name Lower right in the Menes label is HAt.TA.TJERU. (nt or niwt can also be used for the x as a locale or city).
Atlantis in Egyptian was HAt.TA.NTR.Iw or Foremost Earthland of God's Island. ATATANTA. (no L's yet) We see the Neith Temple and the Falcon with the Scepter of Min and the Rosetau tunnel symbol. The Apis bull is being transferred to Geb's lands and the Island of the Pillars next to the calf and TA for IW or Island. Neptune's Libyan symbol prevailant!!! TAjeru or TaJARA became God's Island lands in the Delta of Maerea from ATANTA.


And Calypso Cried That Day When Ulysses Poseidon left Atlantis and away from His Truths of Origin like Gilgamesh when he went looking for Utnapishtim on Atlantis! And Calypso’ Heart Cried for MAEREA her Beloved of TAJERU the FOREMOST LION of Earth!



The Secret of Mylo and The Books of Herodotus by Riven. 2006.aD. (8488aJA.)

9:05 PM 1/12/2006

Herodotus of Halicarnassus.


Book 1) Clio

Book 2) Euterpe

Book 3) Thalia

Book 4) Melpomene

Book 5) Terpsichore

Book 6) Erato

Book 7) Polymnia

Book 8) Urania

Book 9) Calliope

Book 10) Where is it? Someone has it.

Herodotus was writing in the era of memory of the 10 Kings (after 1500.bC,Deukalion), and he definitely was not writing about the Ennead....

Please return the book to us,It belongs to Man and Woman.

You can no longer hide the lies.

The Secret of the Books of Herodotus by Riven.



Epo- illa- caina- rua- in- mylo- potare- ero- h(ae)cis- pretene- moplema(Mopsus)- ila- hete- pretueo - ilc.

Epic by that way fallen (Vulcan?)to waste/sorrow into this MYLO > Mysian/ drunken wanderer with his faults, to lie before the Oracle broken Secret Society greatly prized here.

Translated with Cassell's New Latin Dictionary, 1959 edition....from Ja.

By SaJaRa Riven Jan 12,2006.aD (8488aJA.)

RETURN THE 10TH BOOK OF MYLO....Please, it is a piece of our History, along with the Books of Alexandria....Thankyou.




The Secret of The 10 Atlantean Kings names from Plato’s Critias.
Written 360.bC, (Critias = Latin = Hebrew Judges)


Latin Boustrephodon (backwards)

A 2,367 year old secret revealed from Paulo Riven of the BETAYAL of DIONYSIOS of ITALY.

Oftenly their ruler at his leisure would steal secretly to the Salentini secret society at the south east end of Italy with a band of brothers of the Macedonian army, while you were accustomed to your memory, towards evening in a galley with seven banks of oars. 
The Marsians (tall male Germanic Scythians) and Dacians (lower Danube) , went to where the high altar's fire is lit by the Boeotian women, the muses of Aonia near mount Helicon and the spring of Aganippe, the resort of the muses by the river Cephisus in Boeotia to compose by candlelight in the evening.
- Paulo J.Tx.Mn (Riven) 2007.aD. (8489.aJA).

Translating the message of The Kings Names in relation to the Helicon Muses and the hidden meaning of the names;

Evanor - The Ruler
Leucippe - The General
Cleito - The meeting Hill of The Helicon Muses
Atlas - near a tall mountain - Helikon
Gadeiros - by the throat of a river - Cepphisus
Ampheres - on one side of the river (WEST - Griffin Cultures / Cobra) 

Evaemon - Cyrene Libyan Greeks and Iberrio Celtic Etruscans (Africa and Europe)
Mneseus - Atlantean Minoan Lord of The Mediterranean and Delta Nile (ref:Atlantis)

Autochthon - who are indegenious to these lands (Europe and Africa)

Elasippus - fought the horse riders on the other side of the river (EAST - Serpent Cultures / Vulture)

Mestor - the Persian Phoenicians Sumerians and Egyptians
Azaes - the Nubians and Arabians
Diaprepes - and the Aethiopians and India (Secrets of Tanzania / JA)

As you can see from the above translation, not only do we learn a secret about the politics in Plato's era, but we are also being told that Mneseus appears as the main Atlantean King.

Deukalion-Apollo-Maia > aiaM-ollopA-noilakueD >

As I Am Olla Para Nosa Illa que e de > As I Am Look To The Island I Gave You = Atlantis. :)

The word Atlantis broken up into syllables Aa-ta-la-na-ta-ia-sa
Re: Basque Translation by Riven

"The main evergreen forest is born a joyous miracle at dawn the abundant monument increases to unite the future arrival and remain loyal to the secret of creation." 


St. Augustine most likely was Chalcidius who Preserved Plato’s Timaeus for Europa!






Paulo J.Tx.C.Mn

July 23 / 2010. 8492.aJA

Sword of Avila


Lion King

White Dragon

Obsidian Dragon Slayer

Opener of The Ways of Amen.

Revealer of Revelations
.111.[R].Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline of Atlantis.[R].111.