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Crowdsource: Creative Seders
What do you do to make your seder fun and meaningful for both children and adults?
Click here to access our GoogleDoc filled with ideas for creative seders for children and adults.
  • Include your ideas in bulleted format beneath each of the different parts of the seder.
  • Don't forget to put your name in parentheses afterwards so that we know who to credit!
  • In case you need to cut and paste the link:
What resources are you using this year to enrich your seder experience?
Share below any links, attachments, texts, etc. that you're using to make your seder more fun, more powerful, more meaningful!

Look here for children's books
to incorporate into your seder, or just to set the mood!  Books for Children.  And if you'd like to tap into the resources of PJ Library for creating engaging seders, check here.

What is Kosher for Passover, according to the Rabbinical Assembly, CRC, OU and others?  Check here to begin making your shopping list (assembled by Sue Fendrick).
And how do I make my home Kosher for Passover? And why?   Check here for an easy to follow guide (shared by Brent Spodek & Beacon Hebrew Alliance)
And I'm a vegan. What are good Pesach recipes?  Check here for a Google Doc created by Joanna Selznick Dulkin (and please contribute yours, too).

Thinking about how to make your Pesach a healthier experience? Read more here and here  for suggestions about how to eat healthily throughout the holiday.  (shared by Deena Barselah, Kosher on a Budget and Nina Manolson)

Don't forget good SCHTICK for your seder.  Here are some links to resources online to make or buy props and other supplies.

And at the end of this, if you still have the energy, make your very own haggadah!  Upload your own resources & graphics, or use what others have shared: texts of the haggadah (traditional and contemporary, Hebrew and English), poetry, readings, activities and graphics. Upload what's here to there!  Visit and get started now.
And here's a simple fill in the blanks template for a haggadah for kids to make yourself, too.

And all kinds of other resources are below: look at our attachments for really great items like "A Tent in Your Living Room" (shared by Jennifer Newfeld) and "Making Dramatic Seders" with bibliodrama (shared by Steve Kerbel).

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