Pingolf Cup

Boxcar Greensboro- Sun. February 24, 1 PM WINNER: DWAIN MARCHANT

Boxcar Raleigh-Sun. April 28, 1 PM WINNER: RICHARD BRANTLEY

Boxcar Greensboro-Sun. May 26, 1 PM WINNER: DREW CEDOLIA

Boxcar Durham-Sun. June 23, 1 PM WINNER: WILL BACON

Boxcar Raleigh- Sun. July 28, 1 PM

Boxcar Durham- Sun. August 25, 1 PM

FINALS: Boxcar Raleigh- Sun. Sept 22, 1 PM

Mark your calendars to compete in the PinGolf Cup Tournament – a tournament series that rotates through our central-North Carolina locations by month.




• This is an IFPA sponsored event

• The tournament is $1 to enter (players will be responsible only for coin drops)

• Prizes (such as gift cards, translites & more) will be awarded to the top three players

• Show up by 12:45pm on the event date to claim your seat to compete


• Instead of playing for the highest score, your performance is based on how many balls it takes to complete an objective, like start a specific multiball.

• The lower your score, the better!

• Objectives and a brief description of how to complete said objective will be posted on the machine the day of the tournament.

This tournament will travel! Our tournament hosts, Boxcar Bar + Arcade PinGolf League, will rotate this tournament by month through our Durham, Raleigh and Greensboro locations. All participants will be awarded points based on their finish at the end of every tournament. The top contenders at the end of the first season will be invited to a final showdown to compete for a grand prize.