Circuit Court - The 8th Judicial Circuit

 Map from The Papers of Abraham Lincoln.
Riding the Circuit with Mr. Lincoln: Summary of the Eighth Judicial Circuit by Mary L. Grabenstetter.  A Lesson Plan and Information from the Illinois Geography Alliance.
 Mount Pulaski Court Room Restoration.
Abraham Lincoln, the Lawyer His Circuit Riding Days --A Story and Learning Activity  A Learning On-Line Learning Activity Page by Howard Taylor.
Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association
Fraker, Guy C., The Real Lincoln Highway: The Forgotten Lincoln Circuit Markers. Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association 25.1 (2004): 48 pars. 31 Aug. 2009

Postville Courthouse Restoration of Court Room
Prelude to the Presidency Resources including adjacent map.  Historical Notes by Guy Fraker.
"Judge David Davis and the Eighth Circuit Court"  by Amy Kalbacken, Washington School, Peoria in Illinois History: A Magazine For Young People, 1993.
Abraham Lincoln's Classroom
Abraham Lincoln and The Eighth Circuit from Lincoln's Classroom.  Article that draws heavily from Mark Steiner's book, An Honest Calling.