The Trials of Desire and the Possibility of Faith

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the papers

"Bee-coming Desire: Apian Transformations 
and the Paradoxes of Women’s Authorial
Personae in Late Medieval England"

"Using Reason to Derive Mutual Illumination 
from Diverse Traditions"

"Love and Meaning"

"Is Marxism a Theodicy?"

“Our Love and Our Knowledge of God”

"The Darkness of God and the Light of Life"

"How wrong could Dante be? Authority 
and Error in Paradiso Cantos 26 to 29"

"Assent to Thinking"

"Sitit sitiri: Christologics of Desire"

"Academics and Mystics: The Case of 
Jean Gerson"

"How to Say 'Thank You': Reflecting on the 
Work of Primo Levi"

"The Turning of Discourse: Generous 
Grammar and Analogy in Ecstasy"

"End without End: Cosmology and Infinity in 
Nicholas of Cusa"

"Religion and the Problem of Ideology; Yet again"

"Mysterious Reasons: Rationality and
 Ineffability in Theological Aesthetics"