Thank you for visiting our TriAddict online web-site!  We are in the beginning stages of launching this new company and will be consistently adding to our inventory.  Our new desings of  apparel and training gear will encompass the wide variety of your triathlon needs, so please keep visiting to see our new updated training gear and apparel collection.

TriAddict was formed on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii in 2009 by Ceo Matty Cunningham. Through his TriAddict personality he made a decision to focus his consistent driving force in the direction  of triathlons. The multi sport has forever changed his life in the most positive way, like many others in the sport of triathlons. Matty likes to say, " If  you are going to be an addict be a TriAddict. Take your consistent  driving life force and applay it to the sport of triathlons. 
It could forever change your life! 

Through trial and error he found that triathlon training suits did not protect him from the sun as much as he would like. So he decided to make his own triathlon suite that was all white long sleave thin cool and dried very quick. 
This is when TriAddict apparel was formed.

Triaddict's goal is to design quality sport apparel that is innovated and new to the sport of triathlons. Through hard work and serious design contimplation, from being in the sport for over a decade, the non stop TriAddict work ethic creates new and innovative sport apparel.

Thank You