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"Satanism in Pokemon"

Satanism in Pokemon: quotes from [unobtainable], rant by me.

And yes, these are actual opinions of actual people.

I remembered I made a review-type post on the DS board involving the burning question: Is Pokemon evil?

98% of the human race: No!

Well, humans, you're right. But let's analyze some counter arguments, shall we?

Prepare to headdesk.

My little grandson is only 3 and a half, but is already obsessed with Pokemon, and his Mum, my daughter Deborah, {who is not saved as yet,} buys him whatever he asks for.

He has all the cards, counters, {Like toy money}, and all the little plastic figures. The last time they visited us, he had his pokemon cards, coins, and figures with him, and he was DREADFUL!!

He was rude, cheeky, wouldnt eat any lunch, tried to run away several times, bit his big sister hard on the arm and made her cry.

So you think that's because of Pokemon? It's not. It's because the kid's a brat.

She is right. For instance, any child exploring the most popular Pokemon websites " 2 will be linked to a selection of occult games such as Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and others more overtly evil.

I have no idea what "Sailor Moon" is, but just because Star Wars is...out there (no pun intended,) doesn't mean it's evil.

Carry your pokemon with you, and you're ready for anything! You've got the power in your hands, so use it!". " 3

What if children try to follow this advice? What if they carry their favorite monsters like magical charms or fetishes in their pockets, trusting them to bring power in times of need?

The only people who are going to take it that literally can't operate any electronics anyway.

Obviously, Ash didn't understand the supernatural powers he had confronted. Neither do most young Pokeman fans today. Unless they know God and His warnings, they cannot understand the forces that have captivated children around the world. And if parents underestimate the psychological strategies behind its seductive mass marketing ploys, they are likely to dismiss the Pokemon craze as harmless fun and innocent fantasy. In reality, the problem is far more complex.

Right. Ask any business men what's going on in their invisible thought bubbles, and you will get one symbol: $.

The Pokemon mania supports a financial conglomerate that knows how to feed the frenzy. The television series is free, but it drives the multi-billion dollar business. It also inspires the obsessive new games that disrupt schools and families by giving the children --

a seductive vision: to become Pokemon masters
a tempting promise: supernatural power
a new objective: keep collecting Pokemon
an urgent command: "gotta catch them all"

So does this article:

A seductive vision: To see how a children's video game is Satan.
A Tempting promise: Your child won't embrace Satan.
A new objective: Be paranoid.
An urgent command: Burn things children find fun, such as picture books and teddy bears.

And honestly, when does the franchise promise supernatural powers?

These enticements are drilled into young minds through clever ads, snappy slogans, and the "Pokeman rap" at the end of each TV episode:

"I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Pokeman to understand
The power that's inside.
Gotta catch them all!"

That...that's the theme song. Even if it does play at the end of each Season one episode, that's not the Pokerap. Do you have any idea what you're talking about?

The last line, the Pokemon mantra, fuels the craving for more occult cards, games, toys, gadgets, and comic books. There's no end to the supply, for where the Pokemon world ends, there beckons an ever-growing empire of new, more thrilling, occult, and violent products. Each can transport the child into a fantasy world that eventually seems far more normal and exciting than the real world. Here, evil looks good and good is dismissed as boring. Family, relationships, and responsibilities diminish in the wake of the social and media pressures to master the powers unleashed by the massive global entertainment industry.

Several things here:

1. "Mantra"? Really?
2. If good is "dismissed as boring", why does the show stress friendship and love?
3. Sure, the games and show depict underage minors arrogantly leaving the care of their widowed mother, eager to invest in a career of viscous elemental dog fighting, but- have a point.

Barbara Whitehorse started seeking answers after her son asked a typical question: "Mom, can I get Pokemon cards? A lot of my friends from church have them." Much as she wanted Matthew to have fun with his friends, she gave a loving refusal. Matthew's tutor had already warned her that the Pokemon craze could stir interest in other kinds of occult role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

When I was that young, implied age, I didn't even know Dungeons and Dragons existed. I still have no idea what it is other than "a game with magic and stuff whose players are stereotyped as lifeless nerds".

Later, during a recent party for Matthew, Barbara heard two of the boys discussing their little pocket monsters. One said, "I'll just use my psychic powers." Already, the world of fantasy had colored his real world.

What little child doesn't imitate the heroes from a movie or game they've just seen or played? If they ran around yelling "SUUUUPERMAAAAAAN!!!!!!" would you react like this? Would you start to hyperventilate, head over to the neighbor's house, go on eBay and purchase the very first pound of bootleg kryptonite that catches your eye?

Cecile DiNozzi would agree. Back in 1995, her son's elementary school had found a new, exciting way to teach math. The Pound Ridge Elementary school was using Magic: the Gathering, the role-playing game called which, like Dungeons and Dragons, has built a cult following among people of all ages across the country.

That's just an irresponsible, age-inappropriate method. It's the school's fault, not Nintendo's.

He told her that during recess on the playground the children would "summon" the forces on the cards they collect by raising sticks into the air and saying, "'Spirits enter me.' They call it 'being possessed.'"


The televised Pokemon show brings suggestions and images that set the stage for the next steps of entanglement. It beckons the young spectator to enter the manipulative realm of role-play, where fantasy simulates reality, and the buyer becomes a slave to their programmer.

That's going a little far, isn't it?

Remember, in the realm of popular role-playing games - whether it's Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, or other selections -- the child becomes the master. As in contemporary witchcraft, he or she wields the power. Their arm, mind, or power-symbol (the pokemon or other action figure) become the channel for the spiritual forces. Children from Christian homes may have learned to say, "Thy will be done," but in the role-playing world, this prayer is twisted into "My will be done!" God, parents, and pastors no longer fit into the picture fantasized by the child.

...Er, right. No Christians can enjoy Pokemon.

And when the game includes occultism and violence, the child-hero is trained to use "his" or "her" spiritual power to kill, poison, evolve, and destroy -- over and over. Not only does this repetitive practice blur the line between reality and fantasy, it also sears the conscience and causes the player to devalue life. The child learns to accept unthinkable behavior as "normal" .

The only difference is that the game is the one inside the little screen.

To be a winner within this system, the committed player must know and follow the rules of the game. Obedience becomes a reflex, strengthened by instant rewards or positive reinforcement. The rules and rewards force the child to develop new habits and patterned responses to certain stimuli.

You just described life.

Day after day, this powerful psychological process manipulates the child's thoughts, feelings, and actions, until his or her personality changes and, as many parents confirm, interest in ordinary family life begins to wither away.

I can hear it now:


If you share my concerns, you may want to follow these suggestions. They will help you equip your child with the awareness needed to resist occult entertainment:

2. Share your observations. Spark awareness in a young child with comments such as, "That monster looks mean!" or "That creature reminds me of a dragon," along with "Did you know that in the Bible, serpents and dragons always represent Satan and evil?"

No. Okay, no. You're seriously mixing it up now. To my knowledge, dragons have never represented evil. The snake did, but that doesn't mean a serpentine Pokemon does. What about real snakes, as in the animal? Do you think they're evil? As a Christian, I ask that you stop false-quoting the Bible, and I'm arguing with a ten-year old article again, aren't I?

In a nation consumed with self-indulgence, self-fulfillment, and self-empowerment, godly self-denial seems strangely out of place. But God commanded it, and Jesus demonstrated it. Dare we refuse to acknowledge it? According to the age of your child, discuss Jesus' words in Matthew 16:24-26, then allow the Holy Spirit to direct your application.

You obviously don't have much pride in your country, do you?

After hearing God's warning and praying for His wisdom, nine-year-old Alan Brannan decided to throw away all his Pokemon cards. "My friend did the same," said his mother. "Her twelve year old son had been having nightmares. But after a discussion with his parents about the game and its symbols, he was convicted to burn his cards and return his Gameboy game. That night slept well for the first time in a month."

What. The. Heck. A paragraph like this requires a breakdown:

1. Given, the nightmares could sensibly happen.
2. Burn the cards? Is there something wrong with you?
3. Not sleeping well for a month is NOT because of Pokemon, I assure you.

"It seemed to us that these cards had some sort of power," continued DiAnna Brannan. "Another nine-year-boy had stolen money from his mother's purse ($7.00) to buy more cards. When questioned, he confessed and said he had heard the devil urging him to do it. The family quickly gathered in prayer, then saw God's answer. Both the boy and his little sister burned their cards, warned their friends, and discovered the joy and freedom that only comes from following their Shepherd.

I will now match your reaction to reading that: O_O

Okay, first of all, stealing money is wrong. I'm not validating that, so don't get any ideas. Two, the "devil told me to do it" is either a non-joking mental problem, or just the child's overreaction to doing something wrong. If you don't know what I mean, think of the times that you blew something way out of proportion after hearing what other people thought.

Next, even if Satan did tell him, don't burn the cards, people! No matter the evil, that's wasteful, and frankly, overkill. Lastly, how dare you say that enjoying a game marketed towards children indicates that I am not a Christian? I know lots of people here are, and I wonder if you're as outraged as I am.


Without apology, I acknowledge that I am writing this pamphlet from a biblical perspective.

Just in case you haven't caught how contradictory and outraging this person is, read that.

While many Christian adults would catch blatant demonic doctrines, the truth is, Satan seldom mounts a direct assault. Rather, he, through his human helpers, uses subtle, clandestine and deceptive methods to advance his evil doctrines.

Now you're insulting the personal lives of Nintendo?


One of the first things I did was to find out who produced the trading card game. Here is an exact quote right from the Web page of the producer - "The Pok_mon Trading Card Game is a new collectable Card Game that is made and distributed by Wizards of the Coast. The same company that made the best selling game ... Magic: The Gathering." Magic: The Gathering is a heavily occult laced trading card game very popular in the 1990's. I have a research report titled Beware of Magic:The Gathering that can be viewed on the Logos Web page atà

Oh yes, I should mention that Wizards of the Coast also owns TSR, the producers of all the Dungeons & Dragons materials. When I discovered who owned the American Pok_mon Trading Card Game rights, I knew the game was not just an innocent card game for elementary school children.

Here, you have maybe your second valid point. But that doesn't necessarily promote the views of Nintendo or Pokemon in general.

The last line of the Pok_mon mantra, "Gotta catch them all!" is used over and over again in Pok_mon paraphernalia because it fuels the craving for more cards, games, toys, gadgets, and comic books.

Will you stop calling it a "mantra"?

Then there are Jessie & James. Here is how they are described -- "Prepare for trouble, make it double.... Jessie, James are a mysterious and evil gang looking to steal rare Pok_mon. Jessie and James are stuck up, fashion conscious, and prone to cross-dressing."

...Why the Pokemon Company would include that last bit is beyond me.

Headstrong, stubborn, quibbling, self-centered, vindictive, obnoxious, hormonal, sexually preoccupied, evil, thieving, cross-dressing jerks are most definitely not biblical role models! These characters do not portray biblical values. Pok_mon does not measure up!

That's why the worst offenders are the villains. And the main characters having flaws makes them realistic, and frankly made the anime a whole lot more exciting. They're real people, not gods, so why would they be perfect? And the fact that I have to explain that doesn't speak well for whatever Christian view you're taking from.

And what is the source of this power? It is the pantheistic power of the occult, not the supernatural power of God. I have found two cards that make this very clear (there are likely more). They are Abra and Kadabra. Yes, these are their actual names. "Abrakadabra" (or abracadabra) has been a word long associated with occult magic. Webster's dictionary defines it this way - 1) a word supposed to have magic powers and hence used in incantations, on amulets, etc. 2) a magic spell or formula. It is no accident that the two Pok_mon called Abra and Kadabra are psychic cards with magical powers.

>_> Come on, is that the best you can do?

Then there are the occult symbols on Kadabra. He has a pentagram on his forehead, SSS on his chest and he is giving the Satanic salute with his left hand. All of the above have strong occult significance. It is clear from the Bible (Deuteronomy 18:10-12) that we are neither to participate in nor associate with activities related to the occult.

Valid point number three.

Some of the readers will no doubt protest, "it's only a game!" To be sure it is a game, but a game that does not glorify God! When God says something is wrong, it is wrong regardless of what form it is in.

You're just begging for a punch in the face.

Listen, kids are carrying around their Pok_mon like a magic talisman.


Pok_mon promotes occult values, not biblical values and therefore should be rejected!

"Grab the pitchforks and torches!"

"Mommy, I can't find my torch."

"Then borrow Johnny's, let's go!"

Where are the player's thoughts and imagination being directed?

Not to you!

Audience: Oooooh!

I pointed out earlier that Pok_mon originated in Japan. What I did not draw to your attention was that a Pok_mon Master is a spin off of a martial arts master in Japan. Pok_mon Masters are the leaders of fighting schools or battling gangs that solve their problems by beating their opponents. And how do they do this? Their little booklet says, "Some attacks cause the Defending Pok_mon to be Asleep, Confused, Paralyzed, or Poisoned."

Does your motto- I mean, mantra, go anything like "Ignorance is bliss", by any chance?

Mental health professionals are finally coming to understand what the Bible has said all along -- the things you let into you mind shape your thinking and your thinking directs your actions. This truth was acted out at the Columbine High school slaughter. The shooters had saturated their minds with violent video games, Gothic death music, and violent reading material. The result was on April 20, 1999, twelve students and one teacher were murdered.

I don't remember that. Then again, I might not have been alive. But now you're just bashing all of the stereotypical things.

Could Pok_mon influence the children who play it?

Everything anyone encounters influences them. Pokemon, while not evil, is no different.

I pray that it does not happen, but I wonder how long it will be before a grade school child, tries to do what is written on the Weepingbell - Razor Leaf Pok_mon card. It says, "It spits out poisonpowder to immobilize the enemy, and then finishes the enemy with a spray of acid."

...And, uh, how do you expect anyone to attempt that...?

Does this line up with what the Bible has to say about how to handle our enemies in Romans 12:14-22? I Think not!

You don't think at all.

Audience: OOOOOH!

But seriously, Pokemon are the animals of that world. Real animals poison and kill each other.

Our every thought is to be screened to be sure Christ approves of it (2 Corinthians 10:4-5). If it does not line up, it is to be rejected.

I'd imagine you have practice with the phrase "I reject your thoughts and substitute my own".

Pok_mon is designed to be a stepping stone to harder occult oriented games like Magic:The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

Are you a designer? No? Then shut up.

"Let us all pray for God to save the children and protect their minds and hearts from the evil one. Nothing angers me more than children being led astray and being abused," writes Linda. Blessings in Jesus' name.

Even if Pokemon does lead kids "astray", where does abuse play into this?

How close can we get to the occult and still call it 'good social interaction & imagination stretching fun for kids?

With you? Not very close.

Also, I've been noticing a lot of punctuation errors in your typing.

Pokemon is a copyright of Nintendo Japan. It was first created in Japan and is highly influenced by Japanese mysticism. It is very popular there now, and has been since 1996. In 1997 - 685 people went into epiliptic seizures while watching the Pokemon cartoon. Pokemon is short for ‘Pocket Monsters’.

That's a very unbalanced assortment of random facts you got there.

By 300 AD, the sun-worshipping Yamato kingdom had loosely unified the nation through conquest and alliance. Buddhism was introduced from China in the mid-6th century and soon became the state religion. Rivalry between Buddhism and Shinto, the traditional religion of Japan, was diffused by presenting Shinto deities as manifestations of Buddha. They seem to embrace all mystical religions and warrior religions.


We finally have a researched answer to the influences behind ‘Pokemon’ and the religions and philosophies that are taught within the game. Pokemon is the result of influences that are completely mystical. These are just to name a few:

Buddhist Mysticism, Hinduism, meditation rituals, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Book of Tao, the Analects of Confucius, the Gita, the I Ching, The Tibetan Book of the Dead: All These Philosophies influenced Pokemon!

...You DO know the actual origin, right? The one about Satoshi Tajiri's childhood fascination with insect collecting?

C.G. Jung summarizes all these philosophies in his theory of ‘collective unconsciousness’, & he assures his followers of the congeniality with occultic energy sciences and the evolutionary sciences with the occultic practices and tapping into the water energy, fire energy, leaf energy, and wind energy you can achieve spiritual enlightenment and success – all of which are incorporated in Pokemon.

"Wind energy" is not, nor has ever been, present in Pokemon.

Flying types? Sure. But there's a difference.

In the Tibetan tradition life is a sort of ‘game’, and they state that each of the levels of game-existence is associated with a particular color and also certain geographical symbols. Note the energy cards in Pokemon have colors and elements that also refer powers and positions.

...Did you just seriously tell me that Pokemon is evil for using colors?

Recently I observed a group of children who were role-playing Pokemon. They were making evil faces and chanting their Pokemon character names over and over! One three year old was chasing another boy almost trance like in expression saying in a deep raspy voice, ‘bulbasore attack, bulbasore, bulbasore.’ They are meditating and projecting their spirits just like practitioners of the occult!

Once again, that's not because of Pokemon. The child was obviously pretending, or has health problems.

Or you're lying.

Pokemon monsters in the game and the cartoon can only say their name, so when they talk they are really chanting their name – the children, I have observed, do the same thing while they are playing. They are actually opening their selves up to personality modification – an occult practice!


Why would Satan influence a game like Pokemon? It opens up players to the demonic realm, channeling (a power some of the pokemon characters have), and possession.

The only time I've been possessed playing Pokemon is after losing to Misty, and that was actually my fault.

In Japan, Shinto is one of the oldest belief systems and was developed out of worshiping the earth, such as sun, water, rocks, trees and even sounds (jiggly puff, a cute Pokemon sings a song and the sounds puts all who hear her into a trance – this is a common type of teaching in Shinto and is very evident in Pokemon)!

Sleep =/= Trance. I don't put myself into a trance every night. Whether or not you do is none of my business.

Evolving – dying and being ‘reborn’ as an ‘evolved Pokemon’

Natural metamorphosis - Dying and being reborn as a new animal?

In one Pokemon episode, Bulbasore (a frog) did not want to evolve – some feel this means to just ‘grow up’ – but the idea is to go through a substantial change and it is even suggested that the Pokemon ‘looses’ its former self or in a way dies to his current psyche – a typical example of Pokemon and it’s occultic influence. Children are subtly being indoctrinated in the theory of evolution and mysticism in the Pokemon game.

Bulbasaur is hardly a frog. Nonetheless, valid point number four.

These are real powers that have one intention – to keep you from knowing God and experiencing His plan and will for your life! Any game, cartoon, etc. that even hints at occultic practice is dangerous!

"I have an idea! Let's spend hundreds of dollars making a game based around catching creatures so that kids won't go to church! *Giggles*"

Wicca, or Witchcraft is a popular and fast growing religious practice all over the world today. Most Witches/Warlocks consider their practice something that is learned by experience – not by books. They go through many incredible rituals to become powerful in the ‘craft’. Pokemon trainers must go through a lot of training and ritual type actions to become ‘Master Trainers’, with the ability to controle the Pokemon and their powers.

And people have to go through "training" to get good at just about anything.

In Wicca, guardians, known as Watchtowers, are called. These spirits (and sometimes animals) are called by them to protect them from ‘evil’ spirits while they open themselves up to these spirits during rituals – the circle, the pentegram, etc. all provide a ‘safe’ area to practice. (In Pokemon the monsters are held in a Pokeball until the trainer summons them).

Valid point number five.

In witchcraft these spirits are summoned and called to stay in the circle until needed to fight off bad spirits. These Guardians in Pagan practice are often the spirits with whom a person feels comfortable with and has developed some form of a relationship with (in Pokemon the trainers befriend their ‘pocket monsters’ and develop trusting and advice seeking relationships with them).

Come on! How can you bash Pokemon for telling you that Pokemon and humans are friends?

Elements & Powers, geography, and demonic realms of power in Pokemon and astrology, New age cults, & Witchcraft. Most Pagan and earth based religions and philosophies find power in the Four Elements — Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. These are the energy cards in the Pokemon game!

And those things are present in life! *Kills self*

But seriously, you're forgetting all of the other energy cards. And really- bashing something for using the "four elements" ideas is ridiculous. For anyone familiar with the cartoon "Avatar: The Last Airbender", I doubt he/she would bash that.

Most all covens and eastern philosophies, and Pagan belief systems hold the elements as sources of power, as the Pokemon game does.

Pokemon, even the card game, never cites the elements as a source of power. They represent the different kinds of powers they have. Basically, they're categories, not energy.

Witches, Shamans, etc, recommend ony master practitioners do this because you are not masters of the elementals, just like Pokemon trainers are not masters of the Pocket monster – and they warn that they can be hard to get rid of and may require an exorcism to become free of a bad one.

Pokemon never, ever stated you need an "exorcism" of any kind to release your Pokemon.

Please pray and do what the Lord instructs you to do – it is time to take a stand for God and protect our children from the influences of our enemy! My son is six and we had a whole book of Pokemon cards – after praying about it he made the decision to get rid of his cards, because he could see they were evil!

Did you burn them?

Listen Christians – we are in a battle! The enemy is subtle and is trying to influence our children’s minds. Pokemon teaches all the basics of many false religion and occultic practices! Pokemon also indoctrinates children in evolutionary thought and pagan beliefs! It is not Pokemon that we fight - the Bible says:

Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

These 'powers' are the very real demonic spirits behind all-false religion and self-serving pursuits.

Even if they do represent basics of those religions, what makes you think children will understand, or even pick up on it?

Again, Pokemon is not the enemy - it is Lucifer and all that exalts itself against Jesus Christ and the true path to enlightenment. Pokemon is a tool the enemy can use to build a false foundation and plant seeds of futility in my child - and this I will not allow, and I will, by the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit come against all falsehood and doctrines of demons that try to indoctrinate my child with eastern mysticism and occultic practices.

This is how to spark a religious flame war.

Turkey's health minister urged TV stations Saturday to replace Pokemon cartoons with other children's programs after a 7-year-old girl jumped off a balcony apparently believing she was a Pokemon character with superhuman powers.

I admit, that's some heavy evidence. But you can't blame something for one mistake.

...You're Christian. Think of the fall of man. We screwed up, but we're getting a lifetime of chances to make it right.

Sorry if these religious points offend anybody.

Seda Aykanat, who jumped off her fifth-floor balcony Friday and broke her leg, was the second Turkish child to jump off a balcony apparently to imitate Pokemon characters -- cartoon animals with special powers.

Oh, I thought she died. That's a relief.

Earlier, a 4-year-old boy sustained injuries after a similar jump.

When does a four-year old have access to an open window on the fifth floor of a building?

It said the video game and cards have symbols that include "the Star of David, which everyone knows is connected to international Zionism and is Israel's national emblem, as well as being the first symbol of the Freemason."

Now you have something against Israel? When will the madness end?

One church elder who asked not to be named described an incident where high school boys and girls formed a circle in a cemetery late at night, chanting invocations to Satan. In the center of the circle was a monkey skull with the inscription ``Natas Si Dog'' -- ``God is Satan," in reverse. Police said the students then slashed their wrists in a ritual offering of blood.

Aizawl police Superintendent Zorammawaaia said the phenomenon has taken authorities by surprise because the population in this tiny, northeastern state is about 90 percent Christian, primarily Presbyterian. Like many Indians, the police superintendent goes by a single name.

Even if you do worship Satan, how could you sensibly do that? And how could God and Satan be equal, when "Satan" is pretty much universally known to be evil, and God is universally known to be good? (Even atheists have to admit that a God-like figure at least represents good.)

Police do not know how many students may be involved, but Zorammawaaia suggested that the Satan worshipers probably are influenced by television shows about witchcraft and other black magic.

...Producers of programs such as "Aahat," for example, say they are emphasizing the supernatural over more traditional horror themes because that is what audiences want. They also are targeting younger children. For example, in one episode of "Aahat" a doll that is possessed by an evil spirit persuades a young girl to trade places, then refuses to relinquish the girl's body. The show received the highest ratings ever for a television show in India and was the topic of conversation in schools for days afterward.

"We are just entertaining the people for 25 minutes," "Aahat" producer Pradeep Upoor said in defense of the show. "Once you tune in to our program it won't let you go. Just like the doll."

That sounds like a fun guy to be around. But what does this have to do with Pokemon?

One 7-year-old girl wrote to the High Court describing how "Aahat" scared her. In Delhi, a city court observed that some "horror serials" were detrimental to the mental health of children.

Who can ignore the power of a hand-written letter from a seven-year old girl?

"We need to teach these young people and ensure they do not indulge in these kinds of weird religious practices," the Reverend Vanalalrhuajwa insisted. [Source: ]

Atheist to Christian: You're weird!