The Ides of March

We come not to mourn Caesar but to rejoice and revel. 

Armored, Rapier and Cut and Thrust combat will be indoors. Combatants are requested to bring non-marking shoes (tennis shoes, for example) to save wear and tear on the floor and subsequent wrath of the cleanup crew.

This venue has plenty of room for you to set up a presence (within reason).  If you bring chairs and tables, please bring rugs to set them upon so that the site's floors are not damaged.

Please bring your dagger-themed items to be displayed and judged. 

Merchants are welcome but space will be allotted on a first come first served basis. There is no merchant tax. 

People with dietary concerns should contact the feast steward. 

Crash space is limited so contact the Hosteler. 

Note:  This is a dry site.  Please respect the church's wishes and do not bring alcohol onto the premises.

Don't forget your daggers for feast (or whatever).


The feast will feature the finest in Roman cuisine.

Bards are welcome to compete for a prize during feast. 

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