These are some of the public projects that I have been involved with:
OpenFisma -
OpenFisma was an effort reduce the overhead of vulnerability and audit finding management and subsequent business processes. It was designed to get people spending less time pushing paper, and more time solving the actual security problems that they face.  The reality is auditors tend to not understand how their work effects the security and administration staff once their reports are done.  (Being one myself, I realized that we all could write better reports and finding descriptions)  We intentionally designed this system to provide transparency and accountability so problems could be identified and fixed quickly, and eliminate issues such as a lack of actionable information, unclear findings, or findings that are encompassing that they could never be fixed (i.e. All systems should be vulnerability free all the time every second of the day). 
VMware ESXi 5 Home Lab -
I built this lab to study for the VCAP5-DCD and DCA. It was a bit of a challenge to virtualize an vSphere cluster on a single ESXi host. Funny things happen when you have 1 physical NIC, 9 virtual nics and 2 layers of virtualization. All in all, for under a grand, thanks to vSphere evaluations, you can build a relatively simple machine or buy a off the shelf laptop and have a virtual data center of your own.