Vanilla GY 202
The Vanilla was built by Cochrane & Cooper of Beverley 1897 for Arctic Steam Fishing Company.

According to some accounts she was hit by a torpedo fired without warning on 18th April 1915 approximately 53 miles from the Inner Dowsing Light Vessel and was blown to pieces. A further account is listed in the Book "Fishermen against the Kaiser." But she actually hit a mine that had been laid by a German Warship.

On April 17, 1915 the light cruisers STRALSUND and STRASSBURG laid a minefield from roughly 53°30'N, 2°30'W to about 53°40N, 3°25'W. VANILLA hit one of these mines the next day.
Information supplied by (Michael Lowery)

The Grimsby Trawler Fermo made for her last known position and searched for survivors but found none.

Her Details are
  • Official Number 108441
  • Yard Number 173
  • 158 GT 67 NT
  • Dimensions 101' x 20.5' x 11.2'
  • Quarter Deck 17' Foc'sle 18'

Lost 1915