Orianda GY 291
The Orianda was built by Cochranes of Selby 11/07/1914 for Dolphin Steam Fishing co Ltd Grimsby.
She was requisitioned 1914 and used as a Minesweeper, she was modified to be able to engage in Mine clearing laid off Scarborough by the German Cruiser Kolberg
After bringing several mines to the surface working with the M/S Gunboat SkipJack, she closed in and struck a mine, sinking inside of 10 mins with the loss of 1 life, She was commanded by Lieutenant Hubert Basil Boothby RNR.

Here details are
  • Official Number 136999
  • Yard Number 610
  • Admiralty Number 99
  • Armament 1 x 6pdr
  • 273 GT 145 NT
  • Dimensions 130.4 x 22 x 12.6
  • Quarter deck 72' Foc'sle 21'
Lost 19/12/1914