King Stephen GY 1174
The King Stephen was built by Schofield, Hagerup & Doughty of Grimsby 1900 for Monarch Steam Fishing Company.
04/1906 went to Consol Steam Fishing & Ice Company
1915 Hired by the Admiralty as a Decoy Ship, 
She was renamed Ledger - Number 778, Q ship 
One Strange incident during the First World War, on 31st Jan 1916 Zeppelin L19 had been attacking the East Coast and had come down during the evening, The trawler found it floating along with its crew of 22, They begged the Trawler to take them off and save them, But the skipper and crew of 9 had no weapons and so declined the offer and sailed on, he did inform the Navy but by the time they were on the scene the Airship had sunk with all 22 Crew.
The German High Command had them branded War Criminals

Sunk by a German Destroyer G 41 on  25/04/1916 with all of the crew being taken prisoner, even though it was a different crew on board they were still interogated about the incident with L19.
Dittmar & Colledge have it being sunk by a Submarine

Her Details are
  • Official Number 113180
  • Yard Number 9
  • Armament 1 x 6 pdr QF Hotchkiss
  • 162 GT 75 NT
  • Dimensions 105.5' x 21.1' x 10.7'
  • Quarter Deck 18' Foc'sle 21'

Lost 1916