The TUBAL CAIN was built at Smiths Dock North Shields 11/1905, Owned by Rushworth & Atkinson. She went to J E Rushton 11/1910
Crew of 14, Skipper was Charles Smith, She was fishing in heavy seas, just got her gear onboard and  was preparing to light a buoy near which she intended to dodge when she was challenged by the  German auxiliary cruiser Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse at 1900 about 50 miles WNW of Stalberg, West of Iceland.
She was Sunk by Gun Fire approx 2100 hrs in order to stop the reporting of her location

Her Details are 
  • Official Number 122709
  • Gt 227 Nt 111
  • Dimensions  120.2 x 22 x 11.6
  • Quarter Deck 65' Foc'sle 19'
She was lost 07/08/1914 Sunk by the KAISER WILHELM