Capricornus GY 750
The CAPRICORNUS was built by Edward Brothers of North Shields in 06/1898 for Grimsby & North Sea Steam Fisheries.
She was captured by torpedo boat 85 miles E by N from Spurn, fate listed as not known, The crew made prisoners.
Information supplied by Brian of
Light Cruisers Rostock and Strassburg made a foray in the area of the Doggerbank between 21-22 August with the units of the VIth TB Flotilla and captured 8 British trawlers fishing in the area.
Unfortunately, the German official history Der Krieg zur See, vol I, Nordsee, bis Anfang September 1914, only mentions some of the TBs involved: V.152, V.154, V.158 and V.160.
It states clearly that GY.750 from Grimsby was stopped @ 0825 hrs in the vicinity of CL Strassburg by TB V.152.

Data for V.152: launched 11 Oct 1907, A.G. Vulcan, Stettin, Completed 1908. 558 ts, 238 x 25½ x 10 ft, 2-shaft VTE engines, 10.900 IHP = 30 kn, coal fired
Armament: 2 x 88 mm guns, 3 x 450 mm TT, complement 83
Renumbered S.152 on 24/9/17, stricken 31/3/31 and scrapped 1935

Her Details are
  • Official Number 109548
  • Call Sign QNGR
  • Gt 194 Nt 80
  • Dimensions 114.2 x 21.1 x 11.2
  • Quarter Deck 49' Foc'sle 20'
  • Engine 52 HP