Condor II GY 85
The Condor was built by Cook Welton & Gemmel of Beverley for Thomas Bascomb's of Grimsby.
Sold to M A Bascomb 10/1914
Requisitioned by the Royal Navy and employed as a Patrol vessel, but not fitted out.
During a strong Easterly Gale at 10.50 she was stranded on Newcome Sands off Lowestoft.
The crew were taken off by lifeboat and hour later.
She was abandoned as a wreck

Her details are
  • Official Number 122703
  • Yard Number 79
  • Armament 1 x 6pdr
  • 227 GT 95NT
  • Dimensions 124.9 x 22 x 11.6
  • Quarter Deck 69' Foc'sle 19'
  • Engines by C D Holmes  63NHP 10.5Knots
Lost 22/11/1914