Assyrian GY 401
The Assyrian was built by Coopers of Selby 05/02/1908 for Great Central Co-Op Engineering & Ship Repairing Co Ltd Grimsby.
Purchased by the Royal Navy 04/1909 and renamed SPIDER, Converted to a mine sweeper and employed on M/S Experiments at Portland.
1914 based at Portsmouth as an M/S Training Ship for Fishery Reserve Crews
Her Chief Gunner was Albert Frankland

She was headed inshore at 2.00 am in a strong easterly gale with very heavy seas and was driven onto the beach near the War Signal Station at the Northern end of the breakwater, Lowestoft. The crew were taken off by lifeboat and she was abandoned as a wreck, the remains were sold in April 1915 and although the hull apparently remained largely intact there was cause to the amount of sand building up against her and possibly forming a hazard to other shipping

Her Details Are
  • Official Number 127837
  • Yard Number 426
  • Admiralty Number 54
  • Armament 1 x 6pdr
  • 256 GT 107 NT
  • Dimensions 127 x 22 x 11.6
  • Quarter Deck 68' Foc'sle 21'
Wrecked 21/11/1914