Pledge a Climber

Below is a copy of the Pledge a Climber worksheet.  If you are interested in being involved in the Climbathon please print out a copy of the worksheet that has been added as an attachment at the bottom of this page.  Anyone participating in the Climbathon will be responsible for finding your own sponsors, keeping track of how many routes you top-rope and lead climb, and collecting the money from your sponsors after the event.  
Tresann’s Climb Foundation  -  Pledge a Climber 

Climbathon Fundraising Event

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Central Rock Gym

299 Barber Avenue, Worcester, MA 01606

(508) 852 -7625

Name of Climber:___________________________________________________


Fill in the name of your sponsors and the amount being pledged for each route .

Please make sure your sponsors understand the different grades are based on difficulty and that routes you lead climb double the amount of money being pledged.


Climbing Grades

Name of Sponsor                        5.5                   5.6               5.7               5.8                 5.9               5.10             5.11              5.12








































































































































                                                    As you climb keep track of how many routes you top-rope below.

                      Climbing Grades

       5.5                 5.6                 5.7                5.8                  5.9                 5.10               5.11                 5.12                   Total










                                                      As you climb keep track of how many routes you lead below.

                      Climbing Grades

        5.5                5.6                 5.7                  5.8                 5.9               5.10                 5.11                5.12                    Total











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