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Tresann Avenia is a 49 year old single woman living in Holden who is battling a rare form of cancer - synovial cell sarcoma.  Tresann has dedicated herself to working three jobs, all of which involve helping others. She works as a physical therapist assistant, massage therapist, and fitness instructor.  When not working Tresann spends much of her free time outside with friends biking, hiking, xc skiing, snowboarding, and engaging in her first love rock climbing.

Tresann has touched many lives.  Everyone that meets her is taken by her energy, humor, and spirit.  Her excitement for life is contagious.  This is not the first battle Tresann has had to fight.  In 2007 she had a terrible fall rock climbing in which she broke her back, many ribs and punctured a lung.  With determination she remarkably came back from those serious injuries.

Tresann now faces a more serious battle with cancer.  The financial burden associated with her illness is not something she should have to worry about while going through treatments.  Any donation you can make to ‘Tresann’s Climb’ will be greatly appreciated.

All monetary donations

Please address and send checks to:

Tresann’s Climb

Commerce Bank, 320 West Boylston Street, West Boylston, MA 01583.