I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University.  I did my PhD at the University of Rochester in New York with Richard Feldman, Earl Conee, Henry Kyburg, and Ed Wierenga.  My primary work is in epistemology, especially the intersection of traditional epistemology with formal and virtue epistemology.  Much of the epistemology I do is a branch of ethics, so I do ethics too.   I even do animal ethics, currently working on a book on the theology of animal suffering.  Normativity is where it's at.   This even applies to language (half my dissertation committee was from the linguistics department).  I think language is deeply normative, its norms being a combination of ethics and logic.  I apply this idea in defending fallibilism via warranted assertability maneuvers.  I am a true LLEMMing though, and enjoy all areas of analytic philosophy, especially the way they illuminate each other.  I record some of my thoughts about philosophy on my personal philosophy blog This is the Name of This Blog.  I also like to blog about the Philosophy of Religion at Prosblogion and Epistemology at Certain Doubts

My Gmail account is Trent.Dougherty and my Baylor email handle is Trent_Dougherty

(the family, behind our house at Cameron Park. Believe it or not, an impromptu pic by a passer by)

(Sarah and I on the streets of St. Andrews, where we spent the Spring of 2014)