Davenport Landing Lot 14 --
                                   on Trent Creek

Trent Creek is a unique body of water in Eastern North Carolina. 
It is a deep water river, with depths up to twenty feet.  It is navigable with depths that support even a large cruising sailboat, from the Bay River nearly to the Highway 55 bridge.

It is one of the VERY few places in Pamlico County where a large sailboat or motor boat can be docked at your property.

Trent Creek is considered one of the best fishing spots in the area, with drum, tarpon, flounder, bass, shrimp and  spectacular rainbow trout for the taking from your own dock.

               $180,000  Owner financing available!

Chris and Tammy Scot  434-996-5691 or Andante.Properties@gmail.com

 Lot 14, at 289 Trent Creek Road

This lot is a 2.5 acre wooded lot  with approximately
100 feet of water front. The water depth  about 15 feet off the bank is 12' allowing for a very short (and therefore less expensive) dock at mooring depths.

Bounded on the south by a wetland which can never be developed, and located at the end of a cul de sac so there will not be traffic on the street in front of your home, this is a very private sanctuary, covered with oaks, maples, poplars, and tall pines.  There is always a breeze through these trees, inviting you to sit on a screened porch, relax, and enjoy the play of the fish and birds on the water. 
                                                            The waterfront - Trent Creek is 140 feet across
here (right)      

   The lot is roughly 550' deep and 170' across at
    the   widest point.  The photo to the left is from Trent Creek Road,
    looking down the driveway toward the water. 

     The photo below right was taken from 2/3 of the
     way to the water, looking back to the end of
     the driveway, where our Jeep is parked. 

 To the left is Trent Creek in Autumn. 

Lot 14 starts at the oak tree to the right of where the canoe sits, and runs south (left) to the end of the cedars in the foreground on the left. 

 This photo is looking south from out on the water. The creek turns east (left) just to the left of the picture and runs approx 1 mile to the Highway 55 bridge, where it becomes a freshwater creek.

Trent Creek is a great hurricane hole, a deep river surrounded by wetlands.  From where you will build your dock, it is 2.75 miles north (left) to Bay River, a beautiful wide river that offers great sailing, gunkholing, and leads to the Pamlico Sound and the Outer Banks.

The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) passes nearby on the Bay River, entering from Gale Creek / Goose Creek from the north, just 11 miles from your dock.  Heading south, the ICW runs into the Pamlico Sound and the Neuse River, then follows Adams Creek to Beaufort.  It is 18 miles from Trent Creek to Adams Creek.


To the left is a photo of where Trent Creek meets the Bay
River.  From here, at the
     "Green 11" day marker, it is 11.5 miles east on the Bay River to the Pamlico Sound. 

     Below right shows an aerial view of the water in
     this area with the Sound in the distance and
     Trent Creek at the bottom right.

    This is an aerial view with Lot 14 highlighted in
     aqua.  The price was the list price when we
     bought the lot in 2007, before the crash of '08.

     We love this lot, and every time we spend time
     here, we are so filled with peace. This was going
     to be our home.  However, we are financing a
     business and need the capital more than we
     need the lot. 

To the right is another view, at the water's edge on Lot 14 looking north.

This is pretty much what the view from your dock will be.

     This is the Outer Banks, just a short boat ride down the
     Bay River and across the Sound.

        We welcome your calls or emails.  Please stop by and see the lot if you are in Pamlico County.

        To Google Map the lot, the address is:

                     289 Trent Creek Road
                     Merritt, NC 28556

            By water:

            from the Bay River and Pamlico Sound, follow Bay River upstream to Green 11. 
            Turn left into Trent Creek.  Follow for 2.75 miles.  Lot is on the right.

             If coming from the ramp at Bay River on Highway 55 (Bayboro), head
             downstream from ramp for 6 miles, turn right in front of Green 11 into Trent Creek. 
            Follow for 2.75 miles.  Lot is on the right.