General Information

What is 'Trends Forecast'?

Trends Forecast allows you to forecast the trending social issues and their status.

Why use 'Trends Forecast'?

Recently, it have shown a spectacular surge in popularity of web services, such as social networking sites, trends services.
For this reason, the life cycles of social issues have been changed a lot. Since there are various types of the lifecycle of social issues, it may be useful to predict/figure out how the trend of a certain issue will be shown. 
By predicting the trend of social issues, users are able to the importance of a social issues before it happens.
Trends Forecast will support this for all users.

What is Trending social issue?

When a specific event is discussed by public, the event is so called as a public issue or social issue.  These events may influence individuals or organisations. The Internet and communication technology, including social network services, has changed the mechanism of the forming of social issues and their life cycle patterns. Many large Internet based service companies developed the new service that displays the list of top trending social issues. For example, Google and Twitter provide the new service of showing the list of trending topics in Google Trends and Twitter Trending Topics, respectively. While Google Trends displays the list of top 10 fastest-rising search terms based on hourly data from Google Search, Twitter Trending topic provides the list of top 10 most discussed topics based on tweets in Twitter. Those services are good indicators of the evolution of world interests. Therefore, if you define the social issues as “the events that many people are interested in”, the keywords published by those trends services should be considered as representing people‟s interests. 

Who created this?

Trends Forecast was created by Smart Service Research Group.