Educational technology is a constantly evolving field. The fast-paced development of educational tools continuously requires further research by educators, curriculum designers, and others in the academic community. 

As educators, we strive to update our teaching toolbox with a variety of these tools in an attempt to engage online learners and create opportunities for interaction that are essential for a successful learning experience.

This wiki is a resource for educators interested in enhancing their e-learning skills. We collaborated to explore six trending tools that can be utilized in an e-learning setting:

These selected tools are accessible to everyone either free of charge or for an affordable fee. They are simple to use and manage, and, as such, users do not require an intensive technical background. A variety of resources and materials are available online to show learners how to utilize each tool. Each selected tool supports best practices for online teaching recommended by Boettcher and Conrad, authors of The Online Teaching Survival Guide (2016)

A general description is given for each of the chosen tools, as well as information about the pedagogical uses and purposes of each.  We considered how each of the six tools can support and comply with best practices for online teaching, and provided quick tutorials on how to use the tools. Finally, we stated the advantages and disadvantages of each tool, and gave a quick overview of other tools with similar features.

Boettcher and Conrad (2016) describe three categories of technology tools and their pedagogical uses: basic, enriched, and contextual practice and emerging possibilities. In our six wiki pages, we have related theory to practice by connecting Boettcher and Conrad's (2016) three categories to our selected tools, and by exploring the alignment between the tool and the authors' recommended best practices for teaching online. Finally, we considered how each of these tools fit into the four phases of an online course, as described by Boettcher and Conrad (2016): Course Beginning (CB), Early Middle (EM), Late Middle (LM) and Closing Weeks (CW).

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