Season One:

Bugs in the system: Contact is lost with science station Jetsem, our crew must investigate 

Where no man has gone before: Durring a war games excercize the crew is pulled into another universe of thought and perception

Ghosts of the Past: While investigating strange readings from mysterious planet the crew of the Phobos comes face to face with the past.

Mission of Mercy: Responding the a distress call from a medical transport the crew finds clues to the recent outbreak of disease

Breaking Point: Continuing the investigation into both the disease and the Kzinti pirates the crew uncovers a plot that could shatter their world.

Dishonor among Thieves: The crew of the Phobos has their allegiances put to the ultimate test when Ramirez has Chardan thrown in the brig.


Season Two:

Home Sick: When delivering supplies to Caucas-3 the crew discover that all is not well on this colony

Verticle Market: The crew find a lost colony ship, but where are the colonists?

Robots, why’d it have to be Robots : One of the Colombia probes picks up a ship near Talanos 4, but then it appears to have been destroyed, the crew beams down to investigate.

Tachyon Theory 101: While transporting alien scientists the Columbia meets with disaster, can science and tenacity turn the tide?

The Rusty Venture: Lt.Scurn is chosen to lead a dangerous mission undercover, far from federation borders. Can his hand picked crew find a lost spy before someone else does?

Jailhouse Spock: When a distress call is sent from a penal colony but they claim everything's is fine the crew investigates.

The sheriff of Gothos: Responding to rumors of a previously unseen planet, the crew of the Columbia find them selves playing a dangerous game with a powerful entity.

The Sargaso Expanse: Looking for a lost ship in a dangerous nebula the crew find more than they asked for.

Everybody loves a good Nazi: Having been thrown into a universe where the Nazis control a vast empire, the crew must find a way home. 

Never trust a smiling Vulcan: Searching for a lost probe, K'cops and his crew find some unexpected faces.