Commander Chardan

 After a decorated stint as X.O. of the USS Phobos Chardan was chosen to command the Columbia. As both a first time commander and operating the first ship in her class, he was destined to have his hands full. Needing good help he chose to take most of his command staff with him from the Phobos.







Lt. Commander K'Cops

 When taking command of the Columbia, Chardan chose K'cops as his first officer. While Lt. K.Cops has always been an extreemly proficient science officer he is new the pressures of command. Known for his incredible intellect and intuitive grasp of alien technology, K'cops is an ideal Star Fleet science officer.







 Lt. Scurn

Lt.  Scurn is now serving as chief tactical officer and head of security on the USS Columbia. It is a post he served on the Phobos as well and a job he is well suited to. While previous commanders would hesitate to call Scurn paranoid, he is VERY alert to danger. Never one to avoid danger though, Scurn has been decorated several times for courage under fire and has an impressive history with the medical bay.







 Lt. Edgar Winters

Lt. Winters is an up and coming officer on the Columbia. He is the right hand of Chief Engineer Anna Graves and has proven to be a valuble member of the crew.  His mechanical skills and courage under fire and never in doubt, which often lands him a spot on away teams.







Ens. Snobe

 Ens. Snobe is a medic aboard Columbia. Given the amount of action Columbia sees he is a busy man. Snobe is not very worried about little things like rules, regulations, or the chain of command. He is the life of the party, and in general a thorn in the side of Security chief Scurn. While his skills and courage are never in doubt, his recklessness and lack of respect for command seem to keep him firmly rooted in the rank of ensign.





Lt. Lance Wilkes

Lt. Wilkes is the newest addition to the Columbia crew. He is a science officer by training and reports to K'cops. Having only served a short time yet it is uncertain how he will fit into this crew.