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About Trekstop

Started in January 2007, Trekstop is now the place to get news and info about Tech, TV and of course Star Trek. Trekstop recently expanded to comprise of three blogs continue....


Tech News

Introducing Trekstop@Mixx

Jun 2008: Mixx is a digg like site that has been gaining some traction. Recently Mixx introduced a new feature called Mixx communities, which allows any member to create a Mixx like site based around a topic of their choosing. I took this opportunity to create Trekstop@Mixx, a social news site for those who are crazy about Sci-fi and gadgets. continue....    Comments

Hulu is getting better (sort of)

Jun 2008: Hulu, as you might already know, is a popular website run by Fox, NBC and friends. It features full length episodes, of shows that are currently on air and those that are not, and it also contains a plethora of movies (most of which are good). Hulu gained a lot of traction in the last few months and some say it even overtook continue....   Comments


Dec 2007:I don't know if you have heard about firefly the tv show before but if you hadn't you should. Firefly is a sci-fi show set in the near future (2517) and it is about the adventures of the crew of the transport ship serenity. If you think this sounds like any other ordinary sci-fi show then you would be wrong continue.... Comments

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