Type 21, No. 3 Border and Panel

Type 21, No.3 Border & Panel

Dimensions in units:

No. 3

Outside: 24 wide by 30 high: inside, 18 wide by 24 high

Dimensions for No. 3 with triangles are the same

Segment is 7 wide by 3 high (or 6 wide by 3 high measuring it differently from corner to corner of the left shape)

Panel: 3 high by 38 wide


In this border L trominoes are articulated in differently from the dove-tailed L trominoes of No. 1.This design was used in my illuminated scripture calligraphy for Romans 11: 36 and the Spanish version of this same verse. This design is in my border collection as Type 21, No.'s 3 & 4 Borders and Panels.