Welcome to Gallery 4. It contains decoration I have evolved over the course of my life. Much of it is incorporated in illuminated calligraphy and, in some instances, representational work that is displayed on lamplightersonline.googlepages.com (Gallery 1), lamplightersonline2.googlepages.com (Gallery 2), and lamplightersonline3.com. Geometric art is included here, for which there is a vast number of designs of various categories, with those in this site being a small portion of my total work. There are also coloring book outline drawings of many of the designs. These may be downloaded and colored in by students, hobbyists and artists.
In addition to all the decorative art there is an important message listed just below, entitled The Truth is not Hard to Find. Maybe it is a message for you.
Without the technical help of my good friend, Robert Buonfiglio, this site would never have come into being, so, thanks, Bob, for all your help and patience.

Everything in this site is freely offered to all who wish to enjoy it. You may download pictures and articles, but not, of course, for commercial use. Any pictures that are downloaded will not be of the highest resolution, but will be good enough for small prints. I welcome comments and reactions, also donations. There are many things that I hope to do to upgrade the quality of the images, to explore other means of outreach, and to prepare for presentations in various venues, so any funds received will be used for these kinds of purposes. This is a non-commercial ministry. It goes forth with my prayer that God will use it to bless all who view it. 

I would like to hear from some of you who may wish to pass on any comments, ideas, or suggestions. Let me know if my site has been of value to you. I am definitely interested in receiving mail. Write to my post office box or g-mail me.

My mailing address is Richard Trefrey, P.O. Box 74, North Reading, Massachusetts (MA) 01864-0074.



Decorative Motifs - this page brings you to a list of the Decorative Motifs. Naturalistic Border Series, a similar group, is included in this list
Bas Relief Panels - this page brings you to a list of the
 bas relief panels.

Celtic Designs
Classic Interlace Designs These interlace designs are found mostly in Islamic art, but also in the decorative art of other cultures
Decorative Motif Construction Methods - How to draw
selected decorative motifs

Athenaeum Rosette Series
Atheneaum Rosette Series Coloring Book Outlines

Aztec Star Rosette Series
Aztec Star Rosette Series Coloring Book Outlines
Mudejar Rosette Series
Mudejar Rosette Series Coloring Book Outlines
Venetian Medallion Series
Venetian Medallion Series Coloring Book Outlines
Reflection Panels
Triangular Net Band Work Panels
Geometric Squares
Geometric Designs from My Early Years
Richard Trefrey, P.O. Box 74, North Reading, MA 01864-0074


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