Tree work can be a pretty dangerous business especially if you decide to take on a project on your own.  You will need to be a pretty hardcore do-it-yourselfer to remove a tree on your own.  I suppose you could get away with taking down smaller trees on your own but even with a medium size tree things can get pretty hairy fairly quickly. 

If you have started doing some tree work and quickly found that you are in over your head we would be more than happy to come in and save the day.  We have almost 20 years in the industry.  We are completely licensed and insured and we keep a certified Arborist on staff to ensure that things are done properly the first time every time. 

We have 7 bucket trucks in our fleet and we continue to grow every year.  This is only possible because of the large customer base that we have built over the years.  We have great customer retention because we treat everyone of our customers with respect and offer them a fair and honest price.  Full disclosure, we are not the cheapest tree service companies in the area.  There are a lot of Craiglist kings out there that underbid jobs and in turn do a bad job which makes the legitimate companies look bad.  Most of the time those same companies are not insured or licensed even though they say that they are.  Whenever you hire a tree company it is imperative to not only ask if they are insured but also to ask to see proof on paper that they are insured.  It is your responsibility to do your due diligence so you do not become liable if something happens while the contractor is on your property.