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 Forty Days of Infallible Proofs.

This book is Pastor Murray's 10th book and addresses this largely ignored 4th part of the Gospel, the manifestation of the glorified Lord Jesus Christ.  This is a necessary read because more occurred during the 40 days of infallible proofs than has been recorded in the Gospels.  In fact, all volumes on the earth could not contain what occurred with Jesus and His disciples during these profound 40 days..  All volumes that have ever been recorded could not contain what the glorified Lord Jesus Christ did during this time and this book is merely one volume of all that could not be contained.


Golgotha-Bruising the Head of the Seed of Satan

When God speaks to man's spirit it can be overwhelming.  When Pastor John Murray becomes overwhelmed, it spills onto pages of a book.  Announcing our newest book Golgotha-Bruising the Head of the Seed of Satan.  Have you ever wondered why David took Goliath's head to Jerusalem and what became of that head?  The answer is an overwhelming revelation that becomes the background for this newest book. 

Conspiracy of the Prophets and God's Holy Remnant

In the Conspiracy of the Prophets and God's Holy Remnant two of the greatest false teachers of our time will be examined with the Holy Scriptures, making captive the evil thought of the enemy found in their teachings.  There will also be an examination into the divine thought of God in His apprehension of a holy remnant.  He will apprehend to stand in His strength at the time of the consummation of the age which is now upon us.  God will have a holy remnant that will not turn Judas. God will have a holy remnant that will not bow to the Babylon's of the revelation that are coming upon the world.  This book will equip the heart hungering for truth to resist the Conspiracy of the Prophets.  Ezekiel 22:25:  "There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof."

The Revelation of the Mystery of the Gospel

This book came forth and was developed out of a seminar given for pastors in Ghana Africa.  It explores the ministry of administrating the mysteries of the Gospel.  The mysteries of the Gospel that were kept secret in the heart of God but became manifest when Jesus uttered parables.  It traces all the great manifestations of the mystery that followed and continue unto this present time in the church.  Also available in Spanish. También disponible en español.


The Revelation of the Mystery of the Gospel

Este libro vino adelante y fue convertido fuera de un seminario dado para los pastores en Ghana África. Explora el ministerio de administrar los misterios del evangelio. Los misterios del evangelio que fueron mantenidos secretos el corazón de dios pero llegaron a ser manifestos cuando Jesús pronunció las parábolas. Remonta todas las grandes manifestaciones del misterio que siguió y continúa a este actual tiempo en la iglesia.

The Titanic, A Spectacle, A Theater

Originally written in 1992, this book has been recently updated and re-written for 2010.  This book touches many very interesting Biblical aspects. Some of these being, 1. The ships of Tarshish which originally served King Solomon and after his backsliding came to serve King Ithobalas II of Tyre, a great forerunner of the antichrist.  This was the center of a global economy in the height of its power.  Did the ships of Tarshish visit North America?  2. The making of a man of God in times of globalization.  A detailed look at the prophet Ezekiel.  3. The Titanic's rediscovery and the very valuable lessons of leadership that can be found in its sinking and recovery as related to the church. 4.  The comparison of the navy of Tarshish, the Titanic, and the coming economic global order.

Twelve Divinely Architected Gates (volumes 1 & 2)

*Volume 1 is out of stock
Only Volume 2 is curren
tly available

A searching of the divine architecture of Jerusalem and its twelve central gates.  The first 6 gates are covered in book 1, and book 2 covers the remaining 6 gates.  There are great spiritual lessons to learn at each gate.  What happened at the gates in Jerusalem has a direct application to the church of today.  This book is for those hungering to learn to not repeat the fatal mistakes of the Israeli temple.

The Uncrucifed Church World,
The Great Falling Away, & The Bone Pile

A careful search of the apostasies that have rendered countless temples to a falling away from God.  This book covers how the last great apostasy will begin in the ministry of the Christian church.  It will also cover how this apostasy will cause the unveiling of antichrist.  This book also will show the criteria for overcoming ministry in the time of the Great Falling Away. 


Chosen To Honor Thee (A Book of Life)

Is a song of deliverance that shares the life story of the author. From his beginning as genetic material in his great grandfathers loins in Scotland in 1837 to the present.  If you enjoy reading the testimony of one delivered from a sinful lifestyle to preaching and singing the Gospel to generations and nations, you will enjoy this book.  An interesting book for unsaved and saved alike.

The Real Anointing, The Seven Spirits of God, and the Overcoming Church

In this book the author examines the mighty Holy Spirit of the Godhead in the manifestation of the seven Spirits of God found in the book of Revelation.  There is also a searching of the anointing of Jesus Christ.  In this book there is likewise teaching about the seven nations that blocked Israel's way into the Promised Land.  Do these seven principalities block the church today?  A must read for those desiring to overcome the last great apostasy.
CD Section
 Song of Songs
The Divine Octave is a CD that will manifest the Lord’s life to your spirit in a very glorious way.  The songs are not arranged in a commercial format but have been very specifically written and played with the hope of the divine thought of the Lord manifesting.  For example, the song from Lampstand to Megiddo is over 10 minutes and would not be a candidate for commercial radio. The goal is not commercial success but rather a musical expression that allows the Spirit of truth to manifest the Glory of Jesus.  We have sensed this over the many months we have spent in the recording studio in a most careful fashion.  In his humility I am certain that the Holy Spirit will manifest something far more significant than a musical expression.  You will find the Holy Spirit teaching and manifesting the glory of Jesus in the words and musical expression.