God want's Religious Lies And Oppressions To Fall As Dead Trees. 
And Therewith Has Amazingly Spoken Through Falling Trees!
With An Open And Honest  Heart!
The four pages given below tell of  uniquely falling TREES
with a message on the BEAUTY and VALENTINES  subject.   T
wo months after sharing them, as if confirming their message, another tree fell on  Valentine's  Eve  at  a  church,  the most critical to my life and for which  I  had much concern, blocking their driveway during a service.  Further it was shaped as a heart and within the heart bore many meaningful images pertaining to the Valentines subject, and much more. Yes our good God hates lies and oppression, and cares about beauty and romance, and wants errors thereabout to fall as this tree!  He certainly desires strong homes, and therewith does not withhold the gift of beauty.

But many after they take a stand 
(even if a wrong one), proudly refuse to fall for anything including the glorious truth.

Jesus said we must FALL on the ROCK (which is Christ and  His truth), or the
ROCK will fall on us.  Jesus not without meaning spoke of TRUTH setting free! 
See www.RememberRememberRemember.com to see images in the tree and much more!  
Man often must FALL to become UPRIGHT!

A Heart Full Of
Meaningful Images!
EVE 2019

May We Not Stand As
Tall & Hard Dead Trees!
But Rather Fall For Truth!
The four below pages were published shortly before the Valentines tree incident!

An Astonishing Hand Arises & Acts As If Preventing
A Tree From Falling And Crushing A Swimming Pool!
  Swimming pools keenly relate to veiling, exposure, and beauty, while God therewith has a good plan, and greatly cares about these issues.   And yes this amazing hand, acting as if protecting this pool, is one of an abundance of miraculous incidents God sent showing this truth.  

This is my nearby friend's tree and swimming pool.  He was considering cutting the leaning tree to prevent it from falling on his swimming pool.  But seeing the hand over the root as
if supporting the tree and keeping it from falling onto the swimming pool decided
he should not cut it down.   This man often encouraged my concerns.

.An Odd Root, Shaped Like A Hand Holding Down Another Root!

Interestingly the night after I created a
page to publish how this unique hand appeared as if keeping a tree from falling on a swimming pool I had this dream.  In it a man had his waste completely surrounded with clothes  pins,  while  therewith  having  no legs.  Further he although having nothing to stand on, had outstanding strength to simply bounce about and could hardly be stopped.  But finally he did wobble and fall!  Too many religious traditions about clothing and veiling, although having nothing to stand on, still are strong and difficult to stop.  But God wants them to fall as dead trees as they oppress and cause people to trust in vain and wrong things.


The Clothes Pin Man Without Any Legs!.
Who Needs To Fall Like A Dead Tree!
The Valentines Tree fell about eight months after this dream .
Both the root hand and dream events were in JUNE OF 2018
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It was in June of 2020 when it really struck me how the hand supporting the Pool Tree so closely relates to the above four pages! 

Read About The Most Outstanding Tree Incident, Which
Occurred Shortly After Writing and Sharing The Above!  At

 The Valentines Tree Of 2019
Fell Valentine's Eve At A Church I Had Much Concern About.

Full Of Meaningful Images!  
See www.RememberRememberRemember.com to seethe images and much more.

A Video Showing the Tree And It's Images  www.PleaseWatchIt.com 

What is in the Heart?
Likely over 50 supernatural images found in two different photos.


Another Unique Tree Incident!

God also wants deeply rooted errors about Christmas to fall!  God here shows a wolf in a Christmas tree!  This photo was taken by a friend some time after I had spoke to her about the amazing images in the Valentines tree.  She had not noticed the wolf in her tree. 

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