One of the ‘weaknesses’ of plant taxonomy has been the excess use of technical terms or the “Botanical Jargons” in the identification keys and description of species, which makes the conventional floras more useful only to Botanists. They traditionally follow the Linnaean style of delimiting taxa based on floral/fruit characters and often ignore field and vegetative characters which are more helpful in the identification of trees, especially in the field. Identification of trees at sight is often required by Foresters, Wildlife biologists, Ecologists, et al. Computer-aided multi-entry identification keys are very convenient than conventional dichotomous keys. This multi-entry Computer-aided package for the identification of trees of Kerala is exclusively based on vegetative and field characters such as bark, bole, buttress, blaze, exudation, branching pattern, thorns, prickles, leaves, etc. to make it more user-friendly.  Six hundred and fifty trees attaining a height of 4 m or more recorded from Kerala are included in this identification program. This includes 71 common exotics introduced as horticultural, ornamental and plantation species.
The tree identification package (TreeID) is designed to identify the trees of Kerala by selecting a few easily observable/recognisable key characters through a multi-entry, menu driven program. More details: Tree Identication Key for Kerala